VTech DM111-2 Review

VTech DM111-2 Safe and Sound Review

Update DM111-2 discontinued by manufacturer:

I just read on Amazon that this baby monitor has been discontinued, likely due to the newer version, the DM221 which you can find here so I recommend you take a look at that one instead.

My review of the discontinued DM111-2

Many of my friends have always told me that ever since I gave birth, I’ve become more detail oriented and I also think twice before taking decisions. Some of them even said that I’m not the person I used to be, but giving birth to a baby can change you in many ways.

My answer to all of these comments were that unless you’re a mother, you cannot possibly understand how your world suddenly starts revolving around your baby and you automatically do everything you can in order to make sure he or she is safe and happy at all times. But since I know I can never be by his side at all times, I went ahead and got myself a baby monitor. I chose to go with the VTech DM111 since my research pointed it’s the best in its price range.

Amazing range and high quality sound

Probably one of the best things I appreciate about my baby monitor is the fact it has a massive range of up to 1000 feet. This means I can easily visit my friends that live a few minutes away and still be able to check up on my baby. In the past I barely felt comfortable taking out the trash, but these days I can do so much more than that and I’m deeply grateful to my baby monitor for this new level of freedom I’m experiencing.

In terms of sound, I do have to say I was a bit skeptical that such a small unit could provide high quality sound, so the first thing I did after taking out of the box is to test this function. My husband was upstairs and I was downstairs in the kitchen. To my surprise, even though he was quite far away from me (we have a big house), I could hear everything he was saying as if he was right there next to me. I realized then that I can easily trust my new toy to letting me hear every sound my baby makes.

There’s no other like it in this price range

When I need to buy something online, I always do a lot of research before spending my hard earned money on it. While some may argue there are better baby monitors out there, I for one couldn’t find any. Its closest competitor, the Safety 1st Crystal Clear is easily outmatched by my model in at least a few areas.

For instance, my model has an out of range indicator that lets me know when I take it too far from the parent unit, but also a 1000 ft range vs. the 600 ft range of the Crystal Clear. On top of that, the sturdy build quality and the 20h battery just put it to shame and make my model clearly the best of the two.

Rechargeable batteries

It’s true that this monitor runs on 2 AA batteries, but the good news is that not only do they last for a good 20 hours, but at the same time they can also be easily recharged. I’m personally a dedicated environmentalist and I always try to do my part in ensuring I do everything that stands in my power to make the world a healthier place to live. Due to this feature, I have just started to love this company even more and I really appreciate how they make baby monitors that can be easily recharged in just a few hours.


  1. DECT 6.0 digital technology for crystal clear transmission (the same used in cordless phones).
  2. Out of range indicator.
  3. Ability to easily control the volume.
  4. Data is encrypted in order to guarantee the highest security levels. Only you can hear what you’re baby is saying.
  5. 1000-foot range allows you to even visit neighboring houses without losing signal.


  1. Getting reception may be a bit difficult.
  2. Some people say it’s unreliable and inconsistent.

Some final words

Experience what leaving the house without worries feels like by getting this video baby monitor here for a price that’ll make the competition jealous! Don’t be troubled about leaving your baby alone anymore, since you can now see and hear his every move thanks to this baby monitor.

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