Toys to the Rescue

Toys to the Rescue

As a parent, you’ve likely learned that there are many times you need to deflect and / or distract your children.  There are times, that for the sake of your sanity, you might do things that you wouldn’t typically do.  But we don’t necessarily need to go too far down that road right now.  We’re just going to talk about some of the ways or tactics you can use to distract your children with their toys.

The first step in doing this, or being able to implement this tactic, is to pay attention and learn which of your children’s toys stimulates them the most, or at least captivates them to the extent where you’ll be able to go about your day and handle your chores with significantly less crying and screaming.

Here’s a quick compilation of suggestions for activities or toys that can make your life a little easier, and a little quieter, by helping your child turn their attention to something that’s fun, and can as well keep them calm, or calm them down.

  • Has your child developed a major league pitching arm? Here’s the scenario — your child is sitting in their high chair and you have fed them their meal, or at least you’re trying to feed them their meal.  But they’ve decided that they’ve had enough and they would prefer to hurl their food around the kitchen.  If they’re doing so, it’s quite likely that they are having loads of fun, but the same can’t be said for you.  They might want out of their high chair, but you might want to use that time for other chores, after of course, you clean up the kitchen.  Either that or the rest of the family is at the table and would like to finish their meal.  Why not find a toy that they find engaging, and that’s designed to stick to their high chair or the tray of their booster seat.  Hopefully this will provide enough distraction, to provide the rest of you with a few moments of peace.
  • Does your baby despise their stroller? You’re not alone, as it’s not all that uncommon to see mothers or fathers pushing an empty stroller while carrying their baby.  Your child may have different reasons for not wanting to be in the stroller, it could be that they just prefer to feel close to you, or are comforted by that close contact with you.  Others could simply be bored by their stroller.  The suggestion provided above, for adding toys to their tray, will work here as well, hopefully for at least long enough for you to be able to get something achieved.
  • If you have a child that refuses to stay still while you try to change their diaper, you know what kind of a nightmare this can turn into. Music can have a calming influence, so why not try a musical toy.  If you hand him or her something with buttons to press, and music to activate, it may just keep them occupied, entertained, and hopefully still enough to get the job done.
  • There’s never a good time for a screeching baby, but if you’re somewhere where it’s especially awkward, you’ll quickly want to find something to distract them. Whether this is at church, on a plane, or anywhere else you’d like to keep them quiet, you know there’s a good chance that something might set them off.  And it’s not to say that they may not have a good reason for crying, as perhaps they’re teething.  For whatever reason however, you might want to try something that they can put in their mouths, like a teething toy, and hope that will quiet them down, at least a little bit.

Chances are your baby or toddler has a bundle of toys, so why not put them to good use.  Their fun for your child, and may provide you with a few moments of sanity throughout your day.