Toddler Safety

Toddler Safety – In the Home

I thought it might be appropriate to add some information about other things we can do to keep our babies and toddlers safe.

Clearly, you know that your toddler is more independent than an infant. There also curious, wanting to learn more about everything around them. They’re walking, they’re running, they’re falling. As a parent, there’s a variety of things that we can do to ensure their safety. We want to keep them safe when they’re home, when they’re in the car, when they’re wake, when they’re playing, and even when they’re sleeping. Since we already have pages of the information here about car seat safety, we’ll skip that.

It’s quite likely that you and your toddler will spend a lot of time in the kitchen. What can you do to make sure this is a safe environment? First, don’t make assumptions. Just because a container has a child resistant lid, it doesn’t mean they can’t open it. Given time and persistence, they will figure it out.

Since they are often looking for things to pull themselves up on, whether in the kitchen or anywhere else in the home, make sure that there’s nothing that will topple over while they’re doing so. This may mean that you need to look at things from their perspective — getting down on your hands and knees and looking for things that they might use as leverage to pull themselves up.

Also be aware of what you have out on countertops and tabletops. Especially near edges were curious little hands can reach. When my younger brother was about two years old, he suffered third degree burns on his chest and stomach, because he reached up to the table, hooked his finger through the handle of a mug of hot coffee and pulled it towards him. So don’t be negligent — be aware. Anything hot, heavy, or sharp should be far out of reach.

The bathroom is another place to be on guard when it comes to toddler safety. Although you would likely never leave your young child alone in the tub, neither should you leave them in the tub with an older child. They might not know what to do or how to react in an emergency. Stay with your child when they’re in the bathtub. Also be sure to wipe up spills and splashes as soon as possible. You don’t want them to slip and fall.
Stairs can be dangerous for those wobbly legs. Even if your toddlers are already running, stairs are another matter, and will take a little bit longer to master. Make sure you have a baby gate that is screwed into the wall. Also make sure that it swings toward you and not toward the stairs.