Summer Infant Baby Wave Review

Summer Infant Baby Wave Review

The Summer Infant Baby Wave digital audio monitor is a very basic monitor without any frills. It has a lighting display feature that reflects the different sound levels that might come from your baby.

It consists of two units, the taller one being the ‘parent’, while the shorter one is for the baby. Some people call them ‘Laurel and Hardy’. Do not assume that because both have AC¬†adapter cords they can be used wirelessly, this is incorrect. It is only the ‘parent’ that has a rechargeable battery and can be used wirelessly. The ‘baby’ must be hooked up to an outlet.

This makes sense as the baby is not supposed to be going anywhere. It is the ‘parent’ monitor which will move from room to room using the larger monitoring unit. You must ensure that you place your corded unit in a safe location which is far enough away from the baby to pull on it. It would probably be a lot better if both units were wireless.

Affordably priced

Having both wireless would most likely mean a huge extra cost. Right now, this monitor is still one of the lower price range of audio baby monitors. These units are both small enough and lightweight enough to easily carry in your hand. If you are worried about durability, the cheap feeling plastic housing may be an issue for you.

According to the given instructions we tested the monitor by having someone hold the baby monitor in the baby’s room, while another held the ‘parent’ monitor in the room that is the farthest away. We attempted this with all the doors open and all the doors closed. The monitor performed very well with the sounds coming from the baby monitor quite audible and the signals penetrating several closed doors. It seems that its range is good and there was no interference with our phone and wireless internet.

Scratchy sound

The sound quality seemed scratchy, but on increasing the volume, it even picked up noises of sounds coming from outside the baby’s room, including wind and traffic. However the sound remained scratchy, even crackling like the tuning of a radio station. When the ‘parent’ monitor is moved around the lights flash on and off and it makes an eerie kind of sci-fi like noise. It did not filter out background noises as claimed, but rather seemed to amplify it.

The light monitor that distinguishes between different types of noise is a very useful feature, especially if you are surrounded by noise and unable to hear the sounds. The flickering light alerts you so that you can react accordingly. This is a basic monitor that gets the job done, a good job for the budget conscious.

Not too stable

A small irritation with this monitor is that the receiver is unable to stand on its own if it is not carefully balanced. The slightest breeze will topple it. This monitor would be perfect if it could stand on its own.

Because of the constant static humming that pops out of this monitor it cannot be used at the bedside. We use it for the baby’s naps during the day and it is located in the living room. It serves as an extra monitor. If the volume is decreased it lessens the static humming sound. You need to be careful and find the right balance as lowering the sound too much will ensure that you no longer hear the baby. The sensitivity can also be adjusted.

Quick comparison

This monitor does not come close to our Philips Avent DECT Audio temp/humidity monitor. They cannot compare. Our Philips Avent is of a much higher quality and serves as our main monitor while this one is an excellent basic second monitor. For a cheaper model it is not defective, but not suitable for the bedside. After a while you no longer notice the static in the living room.


Although this baby monitor is very basic, it is economical and inexpensive. It is an ideal secondary monitor, even picking up those very soft sounds and baby movements. I can hear the moment my baby begins to stir. This monitor will not interfere with your neighbor and the fact that it is portable is a real plus. It can be clipped onto you as you move around the house.

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