Baby Strollers

Schwinn Turismo Double Stroller

Schwinn Turismo Double Stroller

The Schwinn Turismo is a musical stroller in the sense that speakers are built into the product itself. There is a tray that is available for a child’s use for snacks as well as a cup holder for both the child’s and the parent’s drinks. The entire stroller is lightweight and is easily stored away. A canopy protects children from outside elements as well.

BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller

This BOB Revolution SE stroller comes with a parking brake to put parents’ minds at ease when stopping on any type of slope. There is a generously large canopy with “look in” windows so parents can keep an eye on their child. The baby stroller easily folds up in two, easy steps that make storing options simple.

Angeles Surestop Review

Angeles Surestop Stroller Review

This stroller features a sturdy steel frame that is light in weight for easy parental maneuvering. The Angeles Surestop Folding stroller can hold up to four passengers at once. There is a “no roll technology” that comes with the grip activated braking system. This stroller folds in three steps for easy storage.

Joovy Scooter Double Stroller

Joovy Scooter Side by Side Review

This Joovy Scooter X2 stroller holds two, 45 pound children at one time. Both of the separate seats can be reclined either way independently of one another. The footrests are also independent from one another on either side of the stroller and can be adjusted accordingly for each child’s individual needs and comfort. Two cup holders and two zippered pockets are available on this product as well.

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Review

The handlebar of this stroller comes with nine adjustable options so it fits any parent’s height. The front wheel has a locking option for terrains that are anything but smooth or for jogging purposes. The BOB Revolution Flex stroller offers an adjustable suspension system that ensures the smoothest possible ride for children.

InStep Flash Fixed Wheel Double Jogger

InStep Flash Double Stroller Review

This InStep Flex stroller has a car seat adapter that allows different car seat brands to be able to snap into this product. The front wheel has the ability to be manually locked into place so parents do not have to worry about the stroller getting away from them on questionable hills. Cup holders and a parent tray are also available on this product.

Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger

Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger

The Baby Trend Expedition Lx stroller touts all terrain front tires, as well as MP3 speakers on the available parent tray. There is also a sunroof that will protect the child from the sun and other elements. This stroller is made of lightweight aluminum and has reflectors on the product to ensure good visibility in poor lighting.

Dream On Me Side by Side Stroller

Dream On Me Twin Stroller

This Dream On Me stroller comes equipped with two large baskets for storage. The canopies and and seats of this stroller are fully adjustable. The stroller easily folds for storing purposes. This double stroller can hold two children that weigh up to 40 pounds each. A five point safety inspected harness is available for both seats.

Baby Trend Expedition

Baby Trend Expedition Phantom Review

The Baby Trend Expeditions stroller offers effortless trigger folding technology and makes storage very simple for parents. The front tires of this stroller are meant to handle all types of terrain. This stroller comes equipped with a parent tray and a covered storage area. The front wheel also has the ability to be locked for faster travel.

Chicco Echo Double Stroller

Chicco Echo Double Stroller Review

The Chicco Echo stroller has dual front locking wheels that also swivel. The stroller comes equipped with a mesh storage bag for the child’s belongings. Everything from the seat to the footrest on this stroller is adjustable to make the child comfortable. The rear canopy protects the child from the elements and has the ability to be unzipped to let some air in.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogger

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Review

This Baby Jogger Summit X3 stroller allows for some “off roading” to be done. The unique, easily flipped lever to control locking and unlocking the front wheel will be advantageous when choosing to push the stroller at a quicker rate, such as when jogging. Rear drum brakes can be operated by the parent, via handbrakes on the handles, when going down hills.

Britax B-Agile Side by Side Stroller

Britax B-Agile Side by Side Stroller

This Britax B-Agile stroller will fold with just one hand. Storage is made easy with the lightweightedness of this product. A child up to 55 pounds will fit in this stroller. Parents can get the best maneuverability due to the three wheel technology this stroller has equipped. A five point safety inspected harness is installed in this product as well.

Baby Jogger City Stroller

Baby Jogger City Stroller Review

The Baby Jogger City stroller is one of the quickest folding strollers on the market! With just the switch of a latch, the stroller is ready to be put away until its next use. there are over 16 possible combinations that can be created with this stroller; Anything from adding a second seat to a drink and snack tray.

BOB Revolution Double Stroller

BOB Revolution Double Stroller

This stroller is the ultimate choice when it comes to comfort level. the stroller offers ultra padded cushioning and a reclining seat so children can lie down if desired. The BOB Revolution’s wheels are designed to easily roll across any type of terrain. An adjustable suspension system is also a perk to this stroller.

Graco Room For 2 Stroller Review

This Graco Room For 2 stroller has a regular seat and a secondary seat that doubles as a standing platform as well. The stroller is lightweight and folds away easily for storage. A child’s tray and a parent’s tray are both provided with this product. The Graco Room For 2 stroller only comes in one color option: black.

BOB Flex Double Stroller

BOB Flex Double Stroller Review

This stroller has a large canopy that can be adjusted. The canopy has windows in it to allow parents to be able to see their children while they are still being protected from the sun and other elements outside. The BOB Flex offers undercarriage storage, side pockets, and a large seatback pocket.

Graco Ready2Grow LX Review

The Graco Ready2Grow stroller offers 12 different options for all different sized children. There is a seat adjustment for children from infancy to up to 40 and 50 pounds, depending on if they are sitting in the rear or front seat of this stroller. A large storage basket is available on this stroller to store all of the child’s belongings.

Chicco Liteway Umbrella Stroller

Chicco Liteway Umbrella Stroller

The Chicco Liteway baby stroller allows babies to be in their own private enclosure when the seat is fully reclined backward. The spacious storage basket available can convert into a tote to carry all of baby’s supplies if the parent chooses to do so. Rear wheel suspension offers the smoothest ride possible for the child.

Graco Ready2Grow Review

Graco Ready2Grow Stroller

This stroller offers both a rear and front facing seat. The front seat holds weights up to 50 pounds and the rear seat hold up to 40. The Graco Ready2Grow grows with a child; there are twelve different riding options and styles available. The cushions are readily removable for easy washing as well.

Chicco C6 Stroller, Black

Chicco C6 Stroller, Black Review

The Chicco C6 stroller only weighs in at 11 pounds. The canopy is adjustable and removable in case the weather calls for it. A five point safety inspected harness is included with this stroller to ensure the safety of the child. This stroller comes with a carry bag and strap so it is easy to bring on the go.