Snuza Trio+ Review

Snuza Trio+ Video Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a wonderful device to have when you need to monitor the safety of your new child while you are away from it. It is essential that the monitor you choose is the best choice for your needs. The video appears to be as clear as crystal according to many buyers and the feature of being able to pan and tilt the camera to follow around the room is great!


The infrared light makes it simple to watch your baby sleep and the sound is so clear that you could hear your baby breathing. The two way communication is a good feature as well. When you decide that it is time to train your baby to sleep in a different room, feeling anxious about their safety is normal. Installing a baby monitor system will ensure that you feel less anxious and that you also get some sleep.

Baby monitoring systems consist of a transmitter that you install in the baby’s room, and a receiver that can either be plugged in or portable. These monitoring systems work by categorizing the information that is generated and then transmit a signal. They may have analog or digital audio.

No interference

DECT technology ensures that there is no interference. Digital is usually portable and more convenient. It can also cover a larger area. The baby monitoring systems that includes an LCD and camera are by far the best choice if you want to observe the baby’s movements. A mobile video system like the Snuza Trio Plus with system-movement tracking allows for that. The motion sensor is able to detect movement and will alert you with an alarm if there is no movement detected for twenty seconds.

Since I know someone who recently lost a baby to SIDS I have been attempting to bring awareness of this to all my family and friends. I cannot express how grateful I am that there are products on the market like the Snuza Trio that not only allows us to see and hear our baby, but also monitor its breathing and movement.

The auto night vision feature is another helpful feature as this enables you to talk to and comfort your baby while you’re in another room. The temperature feature is another great one because it allows you to adjust your baby’s room to the perfect temperature, so that they are never too cold or too hot.

Hero alert

The twenty second Hero alert on this monitor activates after fifteen seconds of no breath and then again after another five seconds. This will allow you to rush in to check on your baby and see what the problem is. The risk of any error with this monitor is greatly diminished as it clips to the baby diaper without sensor pads or wires. When I compare this monitor to the Motorola MBP36 video baby monitor, I have to say I prefer this one due to the additional safety features.

Before you purchase your baby monitor you need to consider a few factors. Most systems are able to work in a small apartment, so you need to consider the size of your house. You may need a system that is able to transmit over a larger area if your house is big. A video system is ideal for twins. You should also consider, battery life, rechargeable batteries, noise reduction and technology type.

Final words

With this monitor you can keep an eye on your baby and get your work done at the same time. Using this monitor will give you serious peace of mind and it is one of the best baby care appliances you could ever buy.

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