Snuza Portable Review

Snuza Baby Movement Monitor

Being a housewife was a decision that I had to come to because I needed enough time to monitor my children especially the youngest of all, who was only 7 months old. Since I am always busy here and there taking care of the house and the kids, I needed a cheap and effective alternative to monitor the toddler and at the same time give me enough time to relax or take care of other duties.

It was not hard for me to get the best solution to my problem as I had the internet to help me with the search. After a few minutes on different search engines, I bumped on Snuza portable baby movement monitor; a special mobile monitor attached to a baby’s diaper. I did not hesitate to purchase the monitor and was amazed by the fact that it sounds a warning alarm if my baby has stopped moving for certain period of time.

Product Description

Snuza baby movement monitor is small in size, light, mobile and an easy-to-use gadget that ensures by baby is safe and sound in his den. The primary concern here is the baby’s breathing, where the monitor is specifically designed to observe the breathing balance.

My Snuza portable monitor has so far played a significant role in my life ever since I got it. The innovative gadget provides unsurpassed technology by uniquely combining finely tuned precision monitoring with great flexibility. Snuza is in no way restricted by wires, cords or pads. The battery baby monitor doesn’t require an external power source of any kind for operation.

All I do is clip the monitor over the waistband of my baby’s diaper and everything is good to go. This is safe for my baby because there no wires involved in the process making it perfect for use at home, when visiting friends/family or travelling. Click here for an in-depth review on Snuza portable baby movement monitor.

Product Features and Pros

Portable size

The fact that Snuza is small in size weighing only 1 ounce makes the monitor portable and least heavy meaning that my child stays protected anywhere he sleeps.

Audible alarm system

Snuza monitor has a clear alarm system that can be set in durations of 15, 18 or 20 seconds, done according to the last movement sensed; these regular prompts guarantees the safety of my son.

Strategic placement

The manufacturers have ensured that the monitors are strategically clipped adjacent to the baby’s abdomen making it comfortable for my toddler, and also more accurate to avoid false alerts. The clip is strong to keep the delicate sensor snug intact against the baby’s abdomen.

No cables or plugs

Apart from the size and positioning, Snuza baby movement monitor has no cables or plugs that could potentially harm my tot, which makes it safer than most monitors.

Safely and secure

Snuza movement monitor is safely built for the baby. It is made up of hypo-allergenic medical grade plastic to prevent allergic reactions on the sensitive skin of my baby making it harmless for any child. I know most parents are worried about exposing their kids to potentially harmful radiofrequency radiation, but Snuza baby monitor doesn’t emit any because it only submits sound that is in form of a beep directly from the unit which then lights up in LED form.


I can also use the monitor with more than one child since I have two toddlers. The extra plus is that the monitor can be used together with any other sound or video monitor depending on your specifics.

Peace of mind

Snuza portable baby monitor gives me the much-needed peace of mind judging by the usual “baby-breathing paranoia” that is perfectly natural. This was very stressful for me before Snuza, where I constantly made trips to my baby’s cot to confirm that everything was okay.


The only issue I have with Snuza baby monitors are the batteries. It seems they don’t last very long but this is a small issue that cannot be compared with the safety of a child. I just have to replace the batteries and then the gadget is good to go.


The Snuza portable baby movement monitor comes in different models depending with what you actually need and require.

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