Snuza Hero Review

Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

The Snuza Hero mobile baby movement monitor is what we will review today. Below I’ll share some of the best things about it and why I think there is no other model out there which can compete with it in more than a few areas.

Great clarity

First of all, this is a mobile baby monitor, so you can easily take it with you anywhere without having to worry about it taking up too much space or being heavy at all.

You can easily clip it to your baby’s diaper and know at all times where he is and what he’s doing. And when he decides to take a nap, the unit makes a soft tic to let you know.

On the other hand, it will also start vibrating if it detects that your baby doesn’t move for fifteen seconds and if there’s no motion detected for twenty seconds, the baby monitor sounds an alarm.

Obvious they send out a false alarm once in a while, but when checked it’s often cause the monitor fell of the diaper.

The alarm is loud enough, so you can easily hear it even when you’re far away from your baby, which provides peace of mind.

Superior functions

I took a serious look at the Levana Oma+ as well, but there were a few areas where the Snuza Hero is clearly superior.

First of all, the Snuza is more affordable, secondly, the alarm is louder, so no matter where you are you can easily hear it once it goes off.

Secondly and the most important advantage in my opinion is it much lighter weight (0.3 oz vs. 4.8 oz) so it won’t come off the baby’s diaper as easily as the other model.

Overall, these features are enough to give you an idea of how great of a baby monitor this is.

It easily clips on your baby’s diaper

You can easily clip the baby monitor on your baby’s diaper and never worry about it coming off. In some cases though, you may come to realize that you do need to adjust the diaper a little bit to ensure a great fit.

And if your baby is a tummy sleeper I suggest that you opt for side positioning since that way you can ensure the monitor is still going to function as great as when you’d opt to clip it to the front.


  • Easy usage everywhere you go
  • Very simple and intuitive controls
  • Amazing 2000h battery life
  • Can be easily used for both boys and girls.
  • You get 5 extra batteries.


  • May sometimes fall of and cause false alarms.
  • The alarm is quite loud, so it will wake your baby up.
  • Some said the batteries need to last longer.

If you want to have peace of mind to know where your baby is and how he’s feeling at all times, get this video baby monitor and you’ll understand that being a parent can indeed be very simple.

Forget about feeling stressed and concerned all the time about your baby, since with this new baby monitor you’re finally able to track his every move and know how he feels at any given moment.

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