Snuza Halo Review

Snuza Halo Baby Monitor

The Snuza Halo mobile baby movement monitor is definitely a must-have for new parents! It gives you that peace of mind knowing that if your baby should happen to stop breathing in the middle of the night it will alert you right away. It’s really easy to use, reliable, and very convenient.

Diaper clip-on

What makes this baby sensor monitor so great is that it just clips right onto your baby’s diaper. There are no wires to mess with so it’s safer to place in the crib. Plus, it stays on your baby so you know it will pick up any pauses or irregularities in your baby’s breathing. This also makes it convenient to use it anywhere your baby sleeps, giving it more flexibility than other movement sensor monitors. If your baby sleeps in a crib at night and in a bassinet or playpen during the day you still have that reassurance having this monitor on them.

Easy in use

The way the Snuza works is pretty simple. The soft blue part goes on their abdomen to pick up breathing movements. If no movement is detected after 15 seconds, the device gently vibrates to stimulate your baby in an attempt to maintain regular breathing. If there is still no movement detected for another 5 seconds it will beep loudly and has lights to let you know. It also alerts you if the vibration, or rousing warning, has gone off more than 3 times to stimulate your baby so you can take the necessary actions.

It’s pretty fool-proof to use it. You just clip it to the front of your baby’s diaper so that it rests on their tummy. The clip keeps the monitor secure so if your baby happens to roll over onto their stomach it will continue monitoring, which puts my mind more at ease about using it. You can even clip it over a thin bodysuit and it will still work. It’s very sensitive to pick up the slightest irregularity in baby’s breathing. The part that is placed on baby’s abdomen is soft and it’s small enough that it doesn’t bother them while sleeping with it on.

Reliability first

This clip-on sensor monitor is certainly more reliable than other types of movement sensor baby monitors. If your baby is an active sleeper that moves around a lot, the Snuza stays on them to monitor their breathing unlike other types of sensor monitors. Those that require a sensor pad, like the AngelCare movement system, only monitor a specified area where it’s placed so if the baby happens to scoot off of it, it will give you a false alarm. Likewise, I’ve read other parents’ reviews on clip-on monitors similar to the Snuza, particularly the Levana Oma+, that complained of having too many false alarms with them.

My only suggestion is that you turn it on before you place it on your baby. The device vibrates when it’s powered on so if you attach it to your sleeping infant then turn it on, the vibrations might wake them up. Also, it is battery-powered so eventually you do have to replace the batteries in the unit. The monitor has a low-battery indicator so you don’t have to worry about the batteries dying in the middle of the night and it not being on while your baby is sleeping.

Breathing alert

The Snuza baby movement monitor is meant only as an alert if your baby isn’t breathing regularly. It’s not like a regular baby monitor that comes with a parent unit to hear if your baby cries. The AngelCare movement monitor does come with a separate unit for parents to use to hear the baby. I still would prefer using the Snuza over AngelCare for the reliability and just buying a separate digital baby monitor like this one to use with it.

Some final words

There are other great baby products that I’ve deemed as a life-saver for parents like the baby bouncer here, but with the Snuza Halo it literally is a life-saver. It’s a must-have for parents like me that worry about the chance of SIDS or even for babies with sleep apnea or severe acid reflux that can cause irregularities in their breathing. It has a couple of minor drawbacks that I’ve noted, but overall the benefits far outweigh the cons. It’s worth having to be rest assured knowing your baby is safer while they sleep.

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