Schwinn Turismo Review

Schwinn Turismo Double Stroller

If you are like me and maintain an active lifestyle while raising two children you are going to want a jogging stroller that can keep up with your fast pace and high demands for safety, comfort, and ease of use. While doing my research, I narrowed down my choices to two strollers similar in price – the Schwinn Turismo double jogger stroller and the comparably priced Instep Grand Safari double jogger stroller.

A comparison

Schwinn, of course, is known for their bicycles, but I thought it was only fair to give an equal comparison of the two so I could make a fair choice. Luckily, my local baby store carried both so I could personally compare the two in-store for a more accurate comparison.

Upon first inspection, the two strollers are very similar in style and size. They both have a manual locking front wheel that measures 12 inches and two rear wheels that measure 16 inches each. They both have built-in cup holders and MP3 compatible speakers for entertaining both yourself and your children during the ride.

Folding it

Folding the strollers for storage and transportation is easy with their dual trigger folding mechanism. I did find that the Schwinn’s folding mechanism was easier to use than the Instep’s. I found the Instep’s lock difficult to undue which is a problem if you have smaller hands.

Comparing the weight of each of these two strollers the Schwinn is the heaviest weighing in at 40.6 pounds. The Instep stroller is a little lighter at 37.41 pounds but it is difficult to notice the difference without using a scale. I did find, however, that the Schwinn seems to feel a little more durable than the Instep. Although both strollers use similar construction, I can visibly see the difference in quality of materials when doing a side-by-side comparison of the two. The Schwinn seems to come out a little more on top than the Instep.

Size wise

The Schwinn is a little wider at 32 inches which can pose a problem when trying to negotiate narrow door openings. The Instep is only 28 inches wide, which will go through all but the narrowest of door openings, but sacrifices comfort for older children by giving them less room to sit.

Both strollers have padded rubberized handles for comfort and both are adjustable to accommodate each parent’s needs. The rubberized handles provide excellent slip resistance for the active user even in the rain.

I found that the exposed spring suspension found on both strollers looked similar but felt much smoother on the Schwinn stroller. Maybe this is because Schwinn has been making bicycles for over 100 years and their expertise shines just a little brighter on their products. Despite the Schwinn being an American company, I was disappointed to discover that both strollers are made in China. I did, however, find that Schwinn still instills their quality on foreign manufacturers and inspect each of their products for defects before shipping.

I am not one to stay in the house during inclement weather so I was a little disappointed to see that neither of these strollers had rain covers. You can buy rain hoods separately but it would be nice to have that available without having to make a separate purchase.

I did find that both strollers have a rain hood that are equal in size but the Schwinn goes that extra mile by including a see through visor that adds extra protection for the children. They operate independently of each other on both models and act as a good sun shield.


I was fortunate enough to see both strollers sitting side-by-side in my local store so I was able to take a close look at each product. If you do not have that option available, Amazon likely has multiple pictures of both items.

Personally, I liked the overall appearance of the Schwinn Turismo. It was visually more pleasing to me and offered me more peace of mind knowing that it comes from a reputable, long-standing, American company known for their quality items. I am certainly satisfied with my choice.

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