Schwinn Arrow Review

Schwinn Arrow Jogging Stroller

If you’re a keen jogger who is looking to get back into your running routine after having a baby, you may be looking at purchasing a jogger. If you’ve been browsing the various models on the market you may have come across the Schwinn Arrow jogger. If you’re tempted to purchase it but are unsure of whether it lives up to the claims it makes, continue reading to learn about both it’s pros and cons.


1. Built in mp3 speaker

One of my favorite features is the built in mp3 speaker, which allows me to play children friendly music for my son to listen to whilst I run.

2. Child friendly tray

Another innovative feature which I find useful is my jogger’s child friendly tray which boasts two cup holders and plenty of room for my son’s favorite snacks. I find it incredibly convenient not having to remove my son from his jogger when he gets hungry, whilst we’re out and about.

3. Exposed spring suspension

When it comes to choosing a jogger, it’s crucial to choose one with boasts a top of the line suspension system. The suspension on this particular model is so effective that my son is able to take a nap in his jogger whilst I run over uneven terrain at our local park.

4. Easy to push and maneuver

This model is a breeze to push as it boasts sturdy 16 inch rear wheels, which can handle even the toughest terrains such as dirt tracks and is built out of a super light weight aluminum frame.

5. Adjustable handle bar

If you plan on sharing your jogger with your partner, you’ll appreciate the adjustable handle bar which can be raised or lowered to suit each individual runner’s height. As my partner is taller than me, he simply raises the handle bar a few inches when it’s his turn to take our son for a run.

6. Can be folded down

If you’re like me and are keen to jog tracks that aren’t within walking distance of your home, you’ll appreciate the fact that the Arrow jogger can be folded down so that you can easily transport it in the back of your car.

7. Boasts a handy storage basket

It boasts a large basket which you can store large items such as rain jackets, a foldable umbrella and a backpack. Better yet the storage basket is accessible from both the front and the rear of your stroller.


1. It’s size takes a little while to get used to

It’s a little wider than the average jogger on the market, which means that you have to take care when passing other runners on a narrow track. However, it does mean that you’ll sit be able to fit your child into it when they grow to be a toddler.

How does it compare to a similarly priced alternative?

You can pick up a Schwinn Arrow jogger for roughly the same price as the Jeep Adventure jogging stroller. So how do the two joggers compare? After testing out my friend’s Jeep jogger, I have to say that I was a little disappointed as unlike my stroller which is incredibly sturdy and constructed out of aluminum, her stroller was comprised of plastic and cheap metal. It was a lot flimsier than I would have expected, so perhaps users are just paying a premium for the Jeep branding.

I also missed some of the extra features which my stroller offers such as the child friendly tray, which has room for both my son’s baby bottle and my water bottle. However, both joggers do offer built in mp3 speakers.


Would I recommend the Schwinn Arrow jogger to a friend? Yes! In fact, after raving about it to some of the other moms and dads at my son’s play group, a few have purchased their own Schwinn jogger.

If you miss the endorphins you get from going for daily runs and are keen to take your son or daughter with you on you running adventures, you really can’t go wrong purchasing one of your own. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start running again!

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