Recaro ProRIDE Review

Recaro ProRIDE Review

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family!  Yes, the Recaro ProRIDE is the toddler car seat we chose for Micah. Here are all the reasons why we made the decision to go with this car seat for our son.

I’ve done another review for a different Recaro model, the Performance SPORT, and in that review I mentioned that Recaro is the manufacturer of seats.  The buckets seats found in many sports cars, as well as aircraft seats.  Clearly, they know all about seats, and they’ve taken the engineering and design principles from those seats and applied them to car seats.

Recaro ProRIDE safety

Those engineering and design principles I mentioned above don’t just involve aesthetics — they also involve safety, and the ProRide is testament to that. It’s a sturdy, safe seat. Most of the toddler car seats that I’ve reviewed, if not all, have side impact protection factored into the side wings, but the ProRide takes it a step further. The wings are very deep in comparison with a lot of other convertible car seats on the market.  They’re big and easy to adjust, providing a perfect headrest for your child.  On top of the standard US safety testing, this seat has also been through European testing.

Since rethreading can be a major chore, one of the many things I was happy about when it came to the ProRide, is the fact that rethreading is not necessary. You are able to adjust and reposition the harness by using the knobs that are situated at the sides of the car seat.

Before Micah came along, the rest of us did a lot of traveling together.  One key feature we wanted in whatever toddler car seat we chose was that it would be approved for flight.  While several other seats that we reviewed and researched only had FAA approval for rear facing seats, the ProRide is approved to use in both rear facing and forward facing positions on an airplane.


Installation of the ProRide is easy.  The manual is clear to understand with images to guide you through each step.  Naturally, it has the LATCH system, but if you’re installing this car seat using your car’s seatbelt, you’ll be happy to know that the ProRide has a lockoff system.

Lockoffs provide a simple way to hold the seat belt tight, in order to maintain a secure installation of the seat.  It clamps on to the seatbelt and creates a fixed length of webbing that holds the car seat securely into the vehicle.

Ultimately, it simplifies the installation process if you are not using the LATCH system.  You’re also able to store the LATCH tethers if you’re not using them.  Assuming you are using the LATCH connectors, they are to the pushbutton connectors instead of the hook type.

Pros and Cons

For the most part, I love everything about the ProRide, but there are a few minor things that I don’t.  Since it’s very rare for anyone to find anything that’s absolutely perfect, I was willing to live with these things.  The instructions stipulate hand washing only, and there’s no bubble level.


  • Convertible, rear and forward facing car seat provides a side impact protection for the head, neck, face, torso and the pelvis
  • Side Stripe System — this safety feature will alert parents to the fact that a twist has begun or is about to occur
  • Five-point harness is front adjusting; built in LATCH system has a universal top tether system while in forward facing mode
  • EPS foam absorbs the force of an impact along with automotive PUR foam in the headrest
  • Mesh fabric provides air circulation over the ergonomic shell structure
  • Rear facing position: 5 to 40 pounds; forward facing position 20 to 65 pounds
  • FAA approved for flying when used with in harness mode, along with the plane’s seatbelt
  • Assembled in the United States.


All together a high quality reliable car seat where the brand takes the safety precautions very seriously. If you decide to purchase you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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