Philips Avent Dect Review

Philips Avent Dect Review

With my second baby, I was somewhat skeptical about monitoring systems. I had already returned several other brands, and the reviews I had read about baby monitoring systems were mixed at best. Nevertheless, I decided to try out the Phillips Avent Dect, and I must say I am glad I did. In this article I share my experience using this monitoring system.

Interference free Audio

Since this monitor’s system data is encrypted, I often don’t have to worry about my baby being heard on receivers in other households.

Being a security conscious parent, I think this monitoring system scores big time with its DECT data encrypted transmission. DECT is an acronym for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. It’s the same system that my telephone uses to ensure that my cordless conversations are not interfered with by my neighbor’s devices.

The DECT technology will automatically toggle through 120 channels to be certain that there is no interruption in transmission triggered by other nearby transmission devices.

Remarkable Range

When I first took the receiver outside, I was amazed at how well I could hear my baby boy, even as I walked far down into the woods next to my property. The transmission range for this baby monitor is advertised as 900 feet of clear reception, and I totally believe it. The long range of 900 feet is undoubtedly one of the winning features of this baby monitoring system.

2 Way Talk Back

I absolutely love this feature. It gives me the ability to calm, reassure, and soothe my baby whenever he becomes restless. With a single click of the talk back feature, I can connect with my baby from anywhere in my home. And the fact that I can do this remotely makes this unit very handy.

The baby monitor also features five different lullabies for helping babies sleep. For those times that my coos aren’t enough, I always use the baby unit to select a soothing lullaby that will invite sleep in no time. Moreover, the baby unit comes with a night light that can help soothe and calm a baby thanks to its warm tranquil glow.

Temperature Alerts

I am very pleased with how this monitor accurately keeps track of room temperatures. Better even, it lets me know when to open windows, turn on fans, and adjust the heating in my house thanks to its special electronic temperature sensor.

Noise Level Monitoring & Sound detection

Arranged on top of the base unit is a set of LED lights that not only react to any sound transmitted from the play room or nursery, but also show the strength of the noise that is being generated.

This monitoring system also lets me hear the sounds that my baby makes while filtering out other noises around the house. Upon the house getting too noisy, the parent receiver will adjust to the overall volume level to allow me hear my baby above any appliance or device that might be running, be it a stereo, television or any kitchen appliance.

Extended battery life

Being a frugal mother, I was impressed with how this baby monitoring system conserves energy. I am able to use the parent unit all day long without recharging it and without having to worry about dead batteries either because whenever the battery starts to run down, I usually get a low battery warning.

Thus, I will always know when to put it back on charge. Moreover, the system comes with an ECO mode feature that conserves even more energy during those low priority hours for monitoring, such as when my baby boy is fast asleep.


  1. Uses an excellent DECT technology that guarantees an uninterrupted connection
  2. Features soothing night lights that comfort the baby
  3. The monitor can work for up to 18 hours on one charge
  4. Equipped with Talk Back feature that allows parent to soothe the baby


  1. I have experienced problems with low volume levels. Despite tweaking the microphone sensitivity settings, this monitoring system only alerts me when my baby is in full cry
  2. Display is rather cramped and not easy to read


Before trying out this Phillips audio monitor, I owned the V Tech Safe & Sound monitor. Even though both monitors fall within the same price range, the Phillips monitor has far greater functionality. It features a secure encrypted transmission, an extensive operating range and four different noise sensitivity settings.

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