Motorola MBP36S Review

Motorola MBP36S Video Monitor

Many “baby cams” provide simple sound and picture, but not much beyond that for peace of mind. I can imagine you need your sleep, so I looked for a camera system that includes active features that you can trust. One good candidate for the job is the Motorola MBP36S wireless baby monitor with a 3.5-inch color LCD screen. It takes into account many of the ways that monitoring can fall short, and has features build in that make sure you feel confident while getting some rest.

Excellent video and audio

With high quality color video and a 3.5 inch display you can see your baby well enough. Both the sound and video are clear enough so that you don’t have to strain to listen or watch a series of snapshots and try to guess what’s happening. The parent unit provides a “live feed” from the baby’s room for excellent monitoring.

Technology for reliability

This Motorola monitor solves many of the most common problems that can make some monitors unusable. For instance, I can imagine you’re bothered by a monitor which has lots of interference. Also, if moving too far away from a baby camera with your parent unit you want to know rather than just losing the signal. This monitor’s wireless connection covers up to 200 meters around the house so that’s not a big concern, but it’s an important one to take notice of.

This unit uses FHSS technology that’s designed to avoid interference. It’s also good for security since it’s “hopping” from frequency to frequency so that outsiders can’t listen in. The audio is also encrypted for added safety. Since there’s an alarm when the signal is too weak, you can feel secure that monitoring is active.

You can also turn down the volume and a set of LED indicators will visually alert you to loud noises. This is also great if for example someone else is babysitting since they don’t have to rely on their hearing to know that something might be wrong. If you have several people using it who aren’t familiar with the use of a baby monitor I recommend you get this one.

Some pros and cons

There are a couple of concerns that need to be considered for long monitoring life. An additional battery for the parent unit is a good idea since rechargeables do wear out over time. Some people have eventually encountered shorter battery life that made the unit harder to use overnight. Also, like most electronics the charging connection can get looser over time. Since this device gets used daily, it’s important to be careful about how the charging plug is handled. Motorola does provide a one year warranty though.

A couple of big plusses are worth noting. The camera unit is designed for easy wall mounting, providing stability and keeping it out of harm’s way. Since babies move in many directions, a single picture might not show everything. Even with the pan, scan, and tilt features parents can also add a second camera for even more coverage of the baby’s room.

Extra features and abilities

The camera tilts, pans, and scans allowing you to look around the room when you need to. It’s great not to be limited to seeing what’s going on in the crib. The unit functions as your eyes and ears in the baby’s bedroom and you can easily look around. At night, the unit monitors by infrared so even in darkness you don’t have to make any compromises between your baby’s sleep and safety.

The unit can play any of the five lullabies to soothe the baby, a big plus on nights when you’re sick. Checking the baby’s room temperature remotely is also easy using the parent unit. If one goes to check on the baby, the two-way communication feature keeps you in touch with your partner.

How It compares

When compared to the Summer Infant dual view baby monitor, which has a similar price but comes with two cameras (optional for this unit), it has many similar features, such as two-way audio, sound-activated LED indicators and tilt, zoom and pan camera positioning. The additional technical features of this Motorola unit reduce problems though and can increase your confidence.

In conclusion

This is one of those units that wakes you up to what’s possible, making other units seem sub-par even if they’ve got basic high-quality features. The Motorola MBP36S has a lot of “wow factors” included, allowing you to sleep well knowing it’s doing its job.

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