Levana Oma Review

Levana Oma Clip-On Baby Movement Monitor

I don’t know many mothers who do not worry about their baby when they are asleep. I, like most mothers, know that there is a chance that my baby could stop breathing during the night, and I want to know if that happens so I can do something before it’s too late. It really is a cute little clip-on monitor that has given me some peace of mind while your baby sleeps.

Benefits I Love About The Levana Monitor

The biggest benefit of this monitor is that it will go off in 15 seconds if no movement is detected. Some older alarms, like the old Snuza, took 20 seconds to go off. I know it is only a 5 second difference, but as a mother that 5 seconds makes a big deal to me.

Another benefit is that the Hero Snuza vibrates after 15 seconds of no movement, and if no movement is detected after 5 seconds of that vibration, then the alarm is activated. That’s a total of 20 seconds before the alarm goes off. For me, I would rather be in the room with my baby during that 5 seconds, so that difference didn’t really pull me towards buying the more expensive one.

Lastly, I love that the alarm is loud enough to get your attention. That is something I really needed in an alarm. It was important that I could hear the alarm even when the TV was on or I was listening to something online.

Who Should Use This Movement Monitor?

One of my friends swears she will never get one of these baby movement monitors. Why? Because she thinks it would drive her crazy and cause more stress on her. The truth is that some mothers may find this monitor less helpful than they thought.

For instance, if the monitor falls off the diaper or is not on the diaper properly, then the alarm will obviously go off as no movement is occurring. This causes a panic that makes your blood go cold. In the beginning, as you learn how to fit the monitor snugly on the diaper so that it doesn’t fall off, you may get a few false alarms.

But, I think for most mothers, this alarm will provide a peace of mind that outweighs a few false scares. If you constantly check in on baby during the night, and your own sleep is suffering for it, then this monitor can help you get some peace of mind and let you get some rest while your baby does.


  • Child will not be affected by it during sleep. It is very small and gentle on the stomach.
  • No wires or cords that could get tangled up around baby.
  • The sensor is soft enough not to bother baby while sleeping.
  • Easy to take while out of town when visiting friends or family.
  • Can be set to monitor for irregular movements. A different alarm tone goes off for this.
  • Gives you peace of mind as you sleep or leave baby alone.


  • You can get a false alarm if the monitor falls off the diaper or is not clipped on properly.
  • If something else is occurring, such as choking, your child will still move and the monitor will not go off.

Should You Buy This Movement Monitor?

The price and functionality got me interested in this monitor, but when I read a review online that talked about how this monitor saved a baby’s life, that was the clincher.

The monitor doesn’t protect against everything. For instance if your baby is choking or struggling, the alarm will not go off because such movement of the baby will not set the alarm off. But the monitor does what it is supposed to do and helps you get peace of mind that your baby is breathing.

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