Levana Jena Review

Levana Jena Video Baby Monitor

Never in a million years have I thought that one day I’d become a mother, but that day is finally here and as I’m typing these words while my baby is just a few feet away from me, sleeping like an angel. It’s always easy for me to feel at ease when he’s close to me, but I have to admit that before I got a baby monitor I found it very hard to even go downstairs and have breakfast.

These days however, things have changed a lot for me and I can easily leave his room and even the house without freaking out and that’s all thanks to my new baby video monitor, as I did a lot of research on baby monitors I review you a number of them on this site, see below some of the features of the Levana Jena video monitor.

You get 12h battery life in PEEP mode

One of the (many) things I like about the Levana baby monitor is the great battery life, especially if you use it in PEEP mode. When you put it in this mode, it will automatically put the monitor screen into sleep mode if it doesn’t detect sound in the baby’s room.

Once your baby makes a sound, the monitor immediately activates itself and you can once again hear and see how your baby is doing. This mode is very helpful and it can help you out a lot by reducing the number of times you need to charge it. On the other hand, if you want to use it in normal mode, you’re looking at a battery life of about 8 hours.

ClearVu digital wireless signal

While I’m always interested in the latest technology breakthroughs, I was taken by surprise by this baby monitor’s capabilities. It has a range of maximum 500 ft and while with other baby monitors you’d expect the signal to get weaker and weaker with each step you take away from it, that doesn’t hold true with this model. The signal is free of interferences and is basically private, no one else who can hear it which is pretty impressive, I must say.

Better than most monitors in its class

Like any other mom who wants to make sure her money is well spent, I looked at many baby monitors out there before deciding to get one. One of its closest competitors was the Motorola MBP25 which I thought was a great monitor in its own right, but not nearly as great as this one. Amongst the many things that separate the two, the Levana Jena has a standard 8h battery life while the other has a low 3.5h battery life.

On top of that, it also has a 500 ft private signal which means no one else can hear what your baby is doing. And if these don’t sound like much, the 15 ft night vision sets the bar even higher, allowing you to check on your baby even if it’s pitch black in his/her room.

Monitors the temperature in your nursery

Do you also find it hard to know the exact temperature in your baby’s room and the thermometers never seem to be accurate? This baby monitor takes care of that as it features a temperature sensor, it can accurately detect the exact temperature in the nursery. Not only is it clearly visible on the video monitor’s screen, but it can also be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius which I think is great!

Some of the pros:

  • Five relaxing lullabies.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • 15-foot night vision.
  • Private 500 ft. signal range.
  • 8h to 12h battery life (in PEEP mode).

Some of the cons:

  • The receiver is a bit bulky
  • Large sound threshold.
  • Image quality could be improved.

Overall conclusion:

Learn how it feels to be a parent without the added stress by getting the best video monitor on the market for a price that’ll make you wonder why you didn’t get it earlier and forget about sleepless nights and personally checking on your baby, since with this amazing baby monitor you’ll know exactly how your baby is doing and be alerted whenever he/she needs you close!

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