Joovy Too Qool Review

Joovy Too Qool Review

If you’d like to purchase the best tandem stroller which money can buy, you may be interested in the Joovy Too Qool, which is marketed as a luxury, top of the line stroller. If you’re wondering whether the Joovy Too Qool is worth splashing out on, continue reading to discover my list of pros and cons.


1. Removable seat covers

This particular model boasts removable seat covers. Better yet they are machine washable, so if your children have a tendency to spill food or drink or dribble, then you’ll be able to clean your seat covers without encountering any difficulties. I tend to remove and wash my seat covers every second month.

2. Memory foam technology

As for the seats themselves, they are crafted out of a super soft memory foam, which moulds to the contours of your children’s bodies.

3. Generous weight limit

Whilst many strollers have an upper weight limit of 40 pounds, the Joovy Too Qool has an upper weight limit of 110 pounds. Whilst my twins are only 1 year old, I envisage that we’ll get at least another year out of our stroller before they outgrow it. So whilst this particular model may cost a little more than your average stroller, it will pay for itself in the long run.

4. Leather trim handlebar and bumper bar

Both the stroller’s handlebar and bumper bar are covered with a leather trim, which give the Joovy Too Qool a premium look and feel. When my friends heard about my stroller having leather trim, they initially thought that I was joking as you don’t see leather trim on a stroller every day!

5. Highly customizable

One of the advantages to purchasing this stroller is that it offers a multitude of seat configurations. As an example, you can choose to have both seats facing each other, both seats facing forward or both seats facing you. If you have a new born and a toddler, you can also choose to take the rear seat out and to replace it with a baby friendly bassinet.

6. You have the option to convert it into a single stroller

If you require a single stroller for the day or if your eldest child has outgrown their seat, you can convert your stroller from a tandem stroller into a single stroller by simply removing your stroller’s rear seat.

7. Oversized canopies

Whilst almost all strollers offer sun shades or canopies of some nature, many provide little inadequate shade. The Joovy Too Qool however, boasts oversized, adjustable canopies which are designed to keep your children protected from the elements.

8. 4 wheel suspension system

What sets the Joovy Too Qool apart from the other luxury strollers on the market? It boasts a cantilever 4 wheel suspension system, which ensures that you’re in control of your stroller and can bring your stroller to a halt in a few seconds flat. Due to it’s state of the art suspension system, I also have no qualms about taking it out running on off road park trails.

9. Can be pushed with one hand

Despite being a tandem stroller, it is incredibly light and can be pushed and maneuvered with just one hand. One reason why it’s so light is that it is crafted out of a light weight, anodized aluminum frame.


1. The storage basket is on the smaller side

Due to the position of the rear basket, the Joovy Too Qool’s storage basket is on the smaller side. However, I still manage to fit two fully laden shopping bags in my stroller’s storage basket.

Premium stroller comparison:

If you’re not surprised that the Joovy Too Qool offers a wide array of features as it’s marketed as a luxury stroller, you may be interested in how it stacks up against another high end stroller. The Peg Perego Duette tandem stroller, which is also marketed as a luxury stroller, also allows parents to reverse seats and offers oversized canopies. However, it doesn’t boast luxurious details such as leather trim or memory foam seats and doesn’t offer a top of the line, cantilever suspension system.


With a state of the art suspension system and luxurious details such as leather handlebars and bumper bars, the Joovy Too Qool is definitely worth splashing out on. So what are you waiting for? You’ll be the envy of all your friends.

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