InStep Flex Review

InStep Flash Fixed Wheel Double Jogger

I have always liked to stay physically fit and giving birth to my babies wasn’t an excuse to stop going for my morning jog. I decided to find a stroller that would help me maneuver through crowds and tight corners during my morning runs. As I searched online for a suitable stroller, I came across the InStep Flex stroller. You can check it out here.

It seemed like the perfect option for a mom like me who prefers to stay active. After reading the reviews online, I decided to give it a try and share my review based on personal experience. Before I do that, however, here are some of the stroller details:

  1. It has a rubber grip which makes it not only comfortable but slip resistant
  2. It has a manual locking front wheel which makes it easy to swivel to fixed setting
  3. It has two cup holders on the molded parent tray and also a molded flip open child tray
  4. The molded rims and rear pneumatic tires give the stroller performance
  5. For safety, the manufacturers installed a dual trigger folding mechanism

What I Liked About The Stroller

The weight limit for two children is 100lbs which was okay with me since my twins are nowhere near 100lbs. It’s also perfect for people who have older kids (can carry up to four year olds).

I also discovered that the stroller has reclining seats. All I had to do was loosen the strap whenever I wanted to recline the seat. The seats also recline independently so if one of the twins wants to take a nap and the other wants to sit up, all I have to do is just recline one seat.

I also found it to be very easy to assemble. The very first time I used the stroller was for a walk rather than a run- just to test if it was actually as maneuverable as everyone said it was. It didn’t take a lot of effort for me to push and steer. The tray with the drink holders makes it a very convenient place to put my frozen yoghurt. I am also very impressed with the fabric and canopies. Running with it was very easy.

The stroller weighs 30lbs so it is a little huge but not overly bulky. I can actually put it in the back of my car without straining at all. With some practice I have also been able to flip it open with one hand.

This InStep Flex stroller evidently has some new updates which make it even safer and better to use. Judging from older reviews, the previous version of this stroller indicates that it was very difficult to get the pump to plug because the valve to pump up the front tire was angled inward on one side. It’s now angled towards the outside and it’s much easier now to get the pump to plug.

What I Don’t Like About It

The first thing I do not like about the InStep Flex is the reclining seats. They only recline slightly and my babies have a hard time falling asleep in it. It would also be nice if the manufacturers listed a height and age requirement somewhere. It turns out the stroller is better suited for kids who are at least six months old.

The backrest also appears to be a little flimsy. Sometimes when I’m folding it or when I’m tightening the harness, it feels like if I apply just enough force the backrest would break in half. Perhaps InStep should use stronger material for the backrest.

Similar Stroller At The Same Price Range?

Absolutely. There is the Baby Trend Double Jogger, Elixer which has similar features. Just like the InStep Flex, your babies need to be at least six months of age and no more than 100lbs in weight combined. The stroller does not have a hand break but it has a jogging strap.

Final Words

The InStep Flex double swivel jogger is not perfect but it serves its purpose. I would recommend this stroller to moms who like their evening walks or like to jog to stay in shape.

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