Graco Secure Coverage Review

As a first time mother, I wanted to take every possible precaution so that I won’t complain to my husband about how I can’t sleep at night because I’m worried about the baby and all the bad things that can happen to him while I’m not around. While I knew I cannot bother my husband with these things since he works long shifts, I was aware that if I don’t find a way to calm myself down and not freak out every time I’m not near my baby, it would be a long time until things can get back to normal again.

However, this week day one of my friends came over and we started to talk about our babies and at one point she asks me with a very surprised look on her face: You’ve never actually heard of baby monitors? Feeling totally embarrassed, I said no. it goes without saying that after she left I researched baby monitors for hours until I found the Graco Secure Coverage digital baby monitor with 1 parent unit. It was everything I needed to put all my worries to rest and finally get a good night’s sleep.

Great battery life

One of the many things I simply adore about this baby monitor is its battery life. While I’ve been using it for several months now, I’ve never been able to drain the battery completely in one use and that makes me very happy, since I don’t enjoy having to recharge the unit when I actually need to leave home. In total, the batteries last for more than 8 hours, but as I learned it the hard way, you need to make sure you charge them correctly when you first get the baby monitor.

Pretty impressive sound quality

I have to give it to you that the first time I used the unit I thought it won’t be able to deliver great sound quality, but after I tested it I immediately realized how wrong I was. It’s so good actually, that I can easily hear my baby over the noise maker in her bedroom while she wiggles around. The unit is also very portable due to its light weight and if I want, I can easily move it around as well. While in some cases you may find it can interfere with your phone, you can easily switch channels to fix this.

Probably one of the best features I like about this baby monitor is that whenever my little angels is awake, the receiver vibrates letting me know it’s time to check up on her. Compared to baby monitors that use sound alarms, I like this one way better. Better yet, I can easily adjust it to vibrate at any noise level I want and such a high level of customizability always gets a thumbs up in my book!

The best in its class

One of my friends recently came to visit and she was really happy that she got herself a new baby monitor, namely the Samsung secured digital baby monitor. I tested it out, asked her about the price and quickly realized it was not superior to mine. For instance, my model has a massive range of 2000 ft, while hers sits low at 900 feet. Secondly, my monitor features a sound lights alert even if I turn off the volume and the lights intensify based on my little angel’s sound. This helps me a lot as a mother to always stay in sync with my baby.


  1. Optimal privacy, performance and clarity thanks to the secure digital technology.
  2. Massive 2000 ft. range provides you with plenty of room to roam.
  3. Easily feel your little angel’s call thanks to the monitor’s vibration notification technology.
  4. Conveniently wear the baby monitor with you thanks to the included belt clip.


  1. Lacks sound activation.
  2. Some people say the range is less than the one advertised.

Final words

Finally, thanks to its secure digital technology, I can enjoy optimal privacy, performance and clarity that no other models in this price range currently have. By the time we finished talking about our little baby toys, I was really happy I got this model and felt a bit sorry she didn’t find out about it as well.

Spend not even a minute more thinking about whom to hire to take care of your baby while you’re away, since you can just get this baby monitor here and put an end to all your worries for good!

Watch your baby closely at any given time, no matter if you’re in the kitchen, in your room or visiting your next door neighbor with this amazing video baby monitor that’ll make your life as a parent that much easier!

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