Graco Ready2Grow Review

Graco Ready2Grow Review

At first glance, you might think that this thing is one of your usual tandem strollers, where one kid seats up front and another one at the back. But it’s definitely not that kind of a boring old stroller. It’s a pretty dynamic product.

Imagine, you can actually customize the seating configurations of the kids in twelve different ways! For example, you can have two kids strapped on to both seats, or just have one kid seated on front and the other either standing or sitting at the back. It’s like having twelve different kinds of strollers for the price of one.


My three-year-old is at that age where he thinks he is already a big boy (he’s not) and that infant seats are for babies like his younger brother. Thankfully, the this stroller can easily accommodate my eldest’s whims.

One of his favorite seating arrangements is to have the rear seat removed and exchanged for the standing platform and the bench seat. He really likes to stand and look at the world around him as we stroll along.

If he ever gets tired, he can easily sit down on the bench and rest. Sometimes, my one-year-old at the front seat gets fatigued from the scenery and the crowds, so I would have his seat face me and his brother.

Lots of comfort

As for the comfort factor, my kids have no complaints there. The front seat is multi-reclining; it can be adjusted accordingly so that my youngest boy has ample head support when he’s seated up front.

Even when fully reclined there is still a lot of space at the back for my eldest to comfortably move in, especially when he’s on the standing platform. There are weather visors so your kids can be protected from the sun and the elements. The front seat has two cup holders and a tray so that your child’s snacks and drinks are always within reach.

“Now, is this stroller comfortable for the parents?” you might ask. Absolutely! The whole thing can be easily steered with just one hand, and there’s a cup holder plus plenty of storage space beneath the seats where I can stash a purse and other essentials in.

Drawbacks of the Graco Ready2Grow

Of course, this kind of versatility comes with a few drawbacks. For one, the stroller is big and heavy. If you have a small car, then forget about getting this stroller comfortably nestled into the backseat. It just wouldn’t happen, even if you have the whole thing collapsed and folded. You can’t also carry the whole stroller with just one hand. Assembling it can also be a pain, since there are a lot of individual parts that need to be considered.

But the drawbacks mentioned above simply cannot change the fact that the Ready2Grow is one of the best strollers in its price range. Other similarly-priced strollers, like the Baby Trend Expedition double stroller, simply do not have the versatility and flexibility that this product offers. As we’ve mentioned above, buying this is like buying twelve different strollers.

If you have kids (or are planning to have more in the near future) and want a stroller that you can use for many years, then go for the Graco Ready2Grow. It’s an investment that you’ll never regret. It is sturdy, versatile, and simply amazing.

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