Graco Fast-Action Review

Graco Fast-Action Jogging Stroller

I have been looking for a jogging stroller for a long, long time. I had a long list of features I needed my stroller to have, and I just couldn’t find the right one, neither online nor in store. I finally decided to post on a runners forum, listing all the features I was looking for and asked if anybody knew of a stroller which met all my criterias.

Someone answered, and I went ahead and bought the stroller the poster recommended. The hunt has been long, but I’ve finally found what I wanted.

I’m posting this review here in case there is someone reading who has the same criterias I had and is also hunting for the perfect stroller. So here’s my review of the amazing Graco FastAction fold jogger stroller which comes with the Click Connect technology.

Fast action

This stroller’s name does not lie: it really has a fast action folding mecanism. It only takes one second and one hand to fold the stroller. Just hold the lever which is in the middle of the stroller, give it a push and the stroller will fold in two. You can then carry it around using the lever as a handle. It is small enough to fit in a tiny car or to bring with you in public transportation.

The stroller can accommodate children up to 50 pounds, so it has a long useful life. If your child is of normal weight, she should reach 50 pounds around the time she is six years old! This is an amazing long life for a stroller and makes it a great investment.

Reclining seat

If you are not comfortable in putting your infant in the stroller’s seat, you can attach your Graco car seat to the stroller. The stroller is light, and you will not be bothered by the extra weight added by the carseat.

The stroller’s seat can also be reclined to accommodate your child, whether he is awake or asleep. It also reduces fussiness to be able to have your child sleep in the stroller. If you want to go for longer run, the baby can come with you and not get overwhelmed mid-run.

Good sun shade

One very important thing for me was that the stroller had a good sun shade. Because I like to go for long runs, my child needs to be fully protected against the sun. Sunscreen works for shorter runs, but any runs over thirty minutes will require a shade for the child.

The stroller has an amazing sun shade. It is thick; it can be reclined, and it let’s no sun in. It also has a peek-a-boo window to let you check up on your child while you run so you don’t need to stop your run.

Going for a run

I really enjoy running with this stroller. There is nothing wrong with how it handles the road. It grips the road well and the wheels never swerve. I haven’t tried it on the grass or on bumpy terrain yet, so I can’t say if it works well for that too, but the reviews I read seemed to say that it is good on any terrain.

The handle is very comfortable and soft. Seriously, this stroller is close to perfect; I can hardly find something wrong with it. One thing that bothered me is, when I first received the stroller, it emitted a strong chemical scent. Kind of like a “fresh from the factory” scent, or the scent of a new car. I left it outside overnight and the next day the scent was mostly gone.

Final words

I was really happy to find a stroller which had all the features I was looking for and for such a small price at that. I will be using it for the next five or six years.

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