Foscam FBCAM3502 Review

Foscam FBCAM3502 Video Monitor

The FBCAM3502 by Foscam is a decent wireless digital video baby monitor for the price, and all its features work as advertised. The sound is crystal clear, the video of high quality, and it can be accessed from any point in your house, including the basement, or outdoors, up to 300 meters away.

It has some fantastic features and for the tech savvy consumers who like to do their research before making a purchase, like me, the FBCAM3502 is one of those devices that stand out, and I don’t believe it’s a choice you would regret.

Pros of the FBCAM3502

It’s rated very well on several shopping sites, especially compared to a fierce competitor in the industry, the Infant Optics DXR-8 digital video baby monitor with night vision, below we listed a number of benefits:

1. You don’t have to touch the screen when adjusting the settings

Like most other video baby monitors, the FBCAM3502 comes with two units: a camera unit and a video receiver. Both units have some amazing features, which I shall mention later, but what I would like to mention now is the 3.5-inch LCD screen on the video receiver. Owing to its size, you would expect it to be a touchscreen, like other brands that require you to touch the screen to change the angle of the camera. If this was the case, it would take you an eternity to touch it in the exact spot. Fortunately, the monitor has a button with 4 arrows that you push left, right, up and down, as well as a zoom option that lets you zoom only once, for convenience.

2. The camera goes close to 360 degrees

The camera unit has a sleek design, and can be controlled remotely when you need to pan, tilt, or zoom. Parents who need to keep an eye on more than one area in the room, like if you have twins, would really appreciate this function as you can move the camera freely to view different sections of the room. If this is not enough, the FBCAM3502 LCD video receiver can be paired with up to 4 cameras so you have a dedicated camera for each area.

3. Talk back to your child

I like the two-way talkback feature, as you can talk to your baby when he/she wakes up, and soothe him/her back to sleep without having to be there physically. To keep your voice from getting distorted, you should hold the receiver at around 12-inches or 1-foot away from your mouth.

4. Adjustable sensitivity

You can have the monitor on at all times, or activate the VOX feature, which automatically turns the screen on when noise is detected, and off after 20 seconds of silence. The FBCAM3502 has 3 VOX sensitivity options: the least sensitive option prevents the screen from turning on when your baby talks in his/her sleep. The monitor also stays off during quiet times, so you can save power and avoid the bright light staring at you all night.

5. No white noise

Since you can set the audio sensitivity level, you can choose the specific audio level that will turn the display on. Additionally, you never have to worry about white noise or static, even when the volume is all the way up.

6. Timed nursing feature

The feed timer allows you to set the interval at which you feed your child, so you will be reminded every 2 or 3 hours.

7. Night vision

The FBCAM3502’s camera unit comes with invisible IR LEDs that allow you to view your baby when it gets dark in the room.

8. Temperature sensor

The built-in temperature sensor will let you know when the temperature is too hot or too cold. Basically, the temperature of your baby’s room is always displayed on the monitor, beside the current time and the baby’s feeding time.

9. Battery life

Good battery life or up to 10 hours when the VOX setting is off, and 6-7 hours when VOX is off.

The Foscam FBCAM3502 is also easy to set up and operates on the 2.4 GHz wireless signal, which is secure and interference free, but so are its competitors, like the Infant Optics DXR-5, which has the added benefit of secure audio and video transmission due to FHSS technology.

Cons of the FBCAM3502 include the lack of a true “color” LCD screen, and the poorly positioned ambient light sensor, which is placed at the top of the camera, meaning that it detects light from somewhere other than the place where the camera is facing.

The verdict

That said, i still like the good about the Foscam FBCAM3502. It offers great features, like the talk-back function, pan/tilt cameras, and night vision. Its close competitor, the Infant Optics DXR-5, is an old version that cannot be compared to the Infant Optics DXR-8 which has a range of advanced features.

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