Evenflo Tribute LX Review

Evenflo Tribute LX Infant Car Seat

First, I would like to emphasize that the Tribute LX convertible is quite different from the Tribute Select and Tribute Sport from Evenflo. Both of these seats are designed with identical height and weight restrictions and utilizes the same structure; therefore, they are part of the “Tribute” brand.

The LX Convertible design includes a plush head pillow and built-in body cushion so that kids can ride in comfort. This works out great for me while were on the road, and protecting my child is very important; as I am sure it is with all parents. I can absolutely vouch for the effectiveness of the Tribute LX Convertible on my child’s car ride.

That’s why writing this review as precise as possible is very important to me. I advise anyone to try this seat if you are looking for a top-quality seat at a reasonable price.

Meets all safety standards

The Tribute LX convertible meets and goes beyond all legislated federal safety standards. Evenflo’s side-impact tested standard design is tested for constructible reliability at energy intensities roughly 2X the Federal crash-test standard! The Multiple Shoulder-Harness can be adjusted for an optimal fit and extended usage. I love the upfront harness adjustment and buckle release that permits simple and handy modifications and the integrated body cushions that give additional comfort for baby, and the simple to detach head pillow, which is perfect if you have older children.

This car seat definitely combines safety, comfort, and ease effortlessly for the definitive value in child restraints. With such a compact size, the Tribute LX offers a fantastic car fit while supplying side-impact protection. I’ve always felt secure whenever I put my little one in the Tribute LX. She rides in comfort while we’re on the road and manages to get in a couple of naps too!

Easy to move

I found that because the LX Convertible is compact in size and lightweight, it is perfect for caregivers that need to change between various vehicles providing the idea vehicle fit. The soft fabric, additional cushioning, harness-covers and buckle is a dream for long rides. I know a few caregivers who highly benefit from the Tribute LX convertible and they all say the same thing, “The lightweight design, fit, and comfort, are unmatchable, compared to other car seats they’ve used.”

For example, it has great features and high standards; however, the Tribute LX convertible offers the same features and more bang for your buck. The top-up is the lightweight design of the Tribute. It simply can’t be beat. In addition, the Graco’s harness strap is a bit difficult to maneuver where as the Tribute offers easy maneuverability, which is why it’s great for caregivers and those who need to move their child’s car seat from one vehicle to another.

The best features

  • A compact size that is unbeatable for vehicle fit
  • Upfront harness modification for simple access
  • Four shoulder strap positions that’s perfect as your children get older
  • Five point harness system offers a secure fit
  • Energy absorbing foam-liner supplies additional comfort and safety
  • Side impact tested and meets or exceeds any pertinent federal-safety standards and Evenflo’s side-impact test standard
  • Created, engineered, tested, constructed, and assembled in the USA

Cleaning Advice

If you find yourself in a situation, like myself, where from time to time your child’s car seat needs a bit of cleaning, the Tribute LX convertible is a breeze. Most of us are guilty of giving our child something to nibble on that often times ends up everywhere but in their mouth! So, I was pleased how simple it is to clean the LX convertible. Don’t immerse the car seat in water, and wipe off all the plastic and metal parts with a clean cloth, mild soap, and water. Dry it with a soft cloth. The pad can be washed separately on a delicate cycle in cold water. I usually dry it in low heat for around 10 to 15 minutes.

From time to time, inspect and clean the restraint’s crotch-buckle of liquids, food, and other stuff that kids manage to get tangled up in there. The buckle can be placed in a cup of warm water while you mildly scrub the buckle back and forth. Don’t clean with soap or detergents though, and do not use a lubricant.

These are simply good cleaning tips to follow if you want your Tribute to perform flawlessly and to keep it looking as decent as possible.

My final verdict

This convertible car seat is a fantastic choice for the money. Though high-end seats may have one or two additional benefits, they can cost three or four times as much and more! In terms of features, the Tribute LX has other seats in its price range beat. If you’re looking for a great car seat that’s priced reasonably, this car seat is my top pick.

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