Evenflo Nurture Review

Evenflo Nurture Infant Car Seat

I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and my 1st baby girl when I bought this Evenflo Nurture car seat. Being my 3rd child, I wanted to buy a seat that wasn’t too expensive but still delivered safety and comfort. As I was shopping for the first female addition to my small family, I chanced upon this car seat.

I was first and foremost attracted to this seat because it looks supercute but not too girly. The color scheme of powder grey and light pink is perfect for my own personality – I’ve always been a tomboy but I also love wearing dresses so I was really drawn to its design.

I loved it even more when I discovered the low price, it’s an amazingly affordable infant car seat that looks expensive. So I bought it. My boys’ car seats were a tad more expensive than this one but since I don’t have plans on having another baby, I decided that this was good enough for my one and only baby girl.

So the day came and I had this car seat with me at the hospital. I used it for the very first time when we had to place our baby girl in the seat before placing her inside our car. My baby’s 3 months old now and here is my short review of this affordable car seat from Evenflo:

Why I like It

I’ve already mentioned that I love this car seat’s design – for its price, it certainly looks high end and with premium quality. I love the fabric because it’s very easy to clean. It kind of has a plastic quality to it that doesn’t absorb water or moisture so it doesn’t really stain so much. For spills, I can easily wipe it off so that’s a major plus. I bring this seat with me in public and the fact that I can easily wipe stains make it convenient for me. Otherwise, I’d have to clean it thoroughly before using it.

The car seat pad is removable and machine washable so yes, this seat provides easy cleaning abilities that are really perfect for moms like me who don’t get enough sleep every single day.

I also love the fact that this seat has 3 shoulder harness positions. I used the middle one when my baby was born and now I use the upper one ’cause my little girl has grown taller quite a bit. There are also 2 crotch buckle positions which provide the right amount of security for my baby – it’s simple and not complicated compared to the more expensive infant car seats that have too many bells and whistles that make the infant seat seem like rocket science. So yes, I love this seat for its simplicity.

Things I don’t like about It

Although I really do love this seat, it does have some drawbacks. First is the canopy. I love going to the park and getting myself some sun. I set up a blanket on the grass and read a book under the shade of a tree and I place my baby in the car seat sans the base beside me. The canopy is rather small in this seat – it covers just about 12 to 13 inches which doesn’t really cover my baby’s entire body – so I’d have to place a blanket over the canopy so my baby is completely safe from the rays of the sun as well as from dirt and insects.

The other thing I don’t like about this car seat is that it doesn’t come with a head support. More expensive options have it but maybe Evenflo didn’t include it so they can offer this seat at the price that it’s sold for.

And one last thing that I think this car seat lacks is the proper padding. It has minimal padding so I have to place a small comforter when I use the seat by itself. The blanket covers the safety harnesses and the buckles so I can’t put additional padding when we use the seat in the car.

Compared to the Cosco Light ‘n Comfy Elite

Okay, so I don’t own a Cosco infant seat ’cause this Evenflo one is perfect for my baby. But one of my friends has it and we compared the two because they were in the similar price range. My Evenflo car seat costs $59.99 while the Cosco one is $59.49 so we think they both compare on the same level.

First thing I noticed about the Cosco seat is that its canopy covers the baby entirely – so I was jealous. It offers enough shade when you go to the beach or the park and you don’t have to cover it with a blanket.

It’s also extra light weight but one thing I noticed is that its handle is not as comfortable as my Evenflo car seat. Mine has a rubber material in the middle of the handle while Cosco’s doesn’t and the handle is also thinner than mine so in terms of ergonomic design, my seat is definitely more comfortable and easier to carry.

The Bottom Line

My Evenflo Nurture car seat is a great steal and it doesn’t lack function. It works just great as it did when I used it when my baby was born and it still works well now that my baby’s a little bigger. I will have to buy another one when my little girl exceeds 22 pounds but for its main purpose for a newborn infant car seat, it’s just perfect.

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