Evenflo Embrace LX Review

Evenflo Embrace LX Infant Car Seat

If you’re browsing the various car seats on the market, you may have come across the Evenflo Embrace LX car seat. If you’re unsure of whether or not it will suit your needs, continue reading to discover it’s pros and cons. Throughout my review I’ll also compare it’s features to that of a similarly priced car seat, the Baby Trend Flex Lock.


1. It’s manufactured in the USA

Whilst most car seats, like the Baby Trend Flex Lock are manufactured overseas, the Evenflo Embrace LX is made right here in the USA. Whilst, there is nothing wrong with car seats which are manufactured abroad, I felt confident in the knowledge that my car seat was designed and manufactured to meet federal safety regulations.

2. It won’t break your back

It only weighs a measly 15 pounds, which is a few pounds lighter than your average car seat. As an example, the Baby Trend Flex Lock weighs in at 18.8 pounds. 3.2 pounds may not seem like a significant amount of weight but believe me as your baby gains weight, you’ll realize that every pound you have to carry, makes a difference.

3. It has adjustable handles

I found it extremely convenient being able to pop my car seat’s ergonomic handle, into not two but five different positions. Examples of which include a travel position, a convenience position and a carry position. Whilst, I don’t own the Baby Trend Flex Lock, my sister does and when I babysat my niece, I really missed having specific handle positions for different scenarios. Particularly, the forward handle position which saves a bit of space in my car.

4. There are multiple harness options

Whilst it uses a standard five point harness system like the Baby Trend Flex Lock, the Evenflo Embrace LX also boasts three shoulder harness positions which are designed to be used as your baby grows from a new born into a toddler.

5. It boasts a specially designed pillow

When I browsed a variety of car seats, I struggled to find a car seat which looked like it had a head rest would be comfortable for a new born. Most car seats such as the Baby Trend Flex Lock offer adjustable head rests but don’t include a built in pillow. Thankfully, my Evenflo Embrace LX car seat came with a removable pillow, which has been specifically designed to contour the head of a newborn baby. As it’s removable, I’ve washed it on numerous occasions, often as a result of my baby drooling all over it.

6. Offers an extra large canopy

While almost every car seat on the market offers a canopy cove, to protect your little one from the elements when you’re traveling to and from your car, my car seat offers an extra large canopy which when pulled down and adjusted almost covers my little one’s legs and feet. Whilst my sister’s car seat has a canopy which barely covers my niece’s shoulders. If you live in area where it rains frequently or is hot and humid, I highly recommend the Evenflo Emrbace LX car seat.


Only one: installation may take longer than you anticipate

My car seat came with a separate base which is designed to be left in the back seat of a car, although it is possible to use the car seat itself, without placing it in it’s base. It took me a good 10-15 minutes to figure out how to securely attach the base to the back seat of my car as I had left the instructions inside. However, once the base was installed, it made it a breeze to secure my car seat as I didn’t have to attach it to the back street, I just had to secure it to it’s base.


Having compared my infant car seat with my sister’s car seat, I can confidently recommend my car seat, the Evenflo Embrace LX, as not only is it manufactured here in the USA but it’s lighter and more practical to use on a daily basis. After all, one of the first purchases you should make when you find out that you’re going to be a new parent, is a car seat so that you can transport your bundle of joy from the hospital to your home.

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