European Nanny Review

European Nanny Baby Monitor

One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is to check up on my baby and see how he’s feeling, but I cannot tell you how worried I feel before I walk up to his room and realize he is just fine. Because of these thoughts, I decided that I need to do something about this so I don’t always go to sleep with a head full of worries. I ended up getting the European Nanny baby movement monitor and I have to tell you that ever since I got it, my life has completely changed for the better.

Testing period

  1. Okay, I have to tell you that before I could feel completely at ease with using a baby monitor, I had to test it very well in order to make sure that:
  2. The monitor sounds the alarm if it cannot detect movement for twenty seconds.
  3. That it can sense my baby’s movement and/or breathing and not exterior vibrations.
  4. That it is sensitive enough so it can consistently and accurately detect his breathing.

To my surprise, the baby monitor performed excellently, but there is one thing I can say is a con. When me and my husband stomped near the crib, the monitor reported movement. Well, this is not actually a problem to us, since we just use the monitor when we’re not home, so no one is going to stomp around in his room in this case anyway.

Now when it comes to the sensor, I have to say that it’s pretty large which means that it can easily detect movement way beyond the boundaries of the pad. I tested the baby monitor not only in the bassinet attachment of our playard, but also in a large crib and the only times when I noticed the alarm going off was when my baby rolled on his side to sleep. I have no idea if these alarms were fake or not, because when I went to check up on him, he was just fine. However, I do have to say I’m satisfied that if anything was wrong, I would’ve known about it.

Comparison with similar products

Before I decided to get this baby monitor, I researched the market quite a lot to make sure that I can get the best product for my budget and needs. Compared to the Angelcare movement only monitor (which one of my relatives recommended), my baby monitor features a sensor that is forty percent larger compared to the next size down which means that you get superior coverage. You can easily place it underneath your baby’s crib and have the peace of mind it’s going to detect even the slightest moves.

And while the Angelcare baby monitor cannot be used with thick crib mattresses, my model can handle mattresses of up to five point five inches high. Better yet, it’s also upgradable in the sense that you can use it in more than one place by installing extra sensor pads. As for the battery life, I have personally gotten 7 months with just 2 AA batteries.


  1. Loud alarm which can be easily heard from anywhere you may be in the house.
  2. Small form factor which makes it easy to travel with.
  3. Excellent 7-month battery life.


  1. False alarms if the sensor is set too high and your baby falls into a deep.
  2. Extra sensors can increase the cost of the baby monitor.


Currently, I’ve been using the European Nanny baby movement monitor for several months and while I had a few false alarms, the way it has helped change my life for the better cannot be ignored. I can now sleep comfortably at night without having to worry about how I’ll perform at work the next day.

Given the fact it’s also available for a great price is the icing on the cake, since in my experience it’s really hard to find a baby monitor that delivers on its promise without breaking the bank to get it. If your baby’s safety is vital for you, then waste no more time and finally enjoy sleeping comfortably at night by getting this baby monitor here.

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