Dream On Me Review

Dream On Me Side by Side Stroller

It is amazing what you can get for a hundred bucks and my toddlers love going to the park in it. It travels along the uneven pavements a lot better than I expected. This is the only stroller I could find at this price that has a grab bar and I like the five point harness feature. It was because of the grab bar, five point harness and storage baskets that I chose this stroller over the Jeep at a similar price. The baskets are positioned above the metal crisscross bars, which means the previous problem with these has obviously been fixed. You can view this at Amazon.com.


By just flipping off the lock on the wheel, I unlocked the locked wheel problem. For a double stroller, the Dream On Me is especially lightweight when it is folded. My children seem to be very comfortable and like sitting next to each other. The five point harness is really great and really easy to adjust, so I do not have to worry about placing my kids in the wrong seat. I bought this stroller as a solution to conveniently get around with my two children, however, it does the job, but not quite as well as I had hoped.

Although the baskets at the bottom are small, there are two of them and they can hold necessities that are required for a trip to the playground or a short run to the store. With the sturdy construction this stroller can take a beating. You will not have to worry too much about dirt and spills as it comes in darker colors. It is a lot easier to maneuver than other umbrella strollers and it does not get caught on uneven surfaces because of the wider and thicker wheels. The three handle design of the stroller makes steering with any of the three, a lot easier.


The back is adjustable with a clip and a drawstring that lowers and raises the back to the preferred level. I have not experienced any problems with this, but I can see that someone may have a problem with a big child if they are unable to reinforce it. You can adjust it to a location of choice, unlike other strollers that only offer a few preset recline modes, if any at all. Another positive is that each seat can be independently reclined while the other remains in the upright position.

The sturdiness of the grab bar will ensure that it outlasts even rough kids. This is a great feature for trips that are a little longer and areas that have a lot of action, where the kids need something to hold onto while they are attempting to lean out of the stroller.

Some downsides

This stroller is not as compact as I hoped and it barely fits into my Toyota Yaris. I have two car seats that prevent me from folding down the seats and I cannot get this stroller into my trunk. I have to put it in the front seat if I intend using it, as it barely fits on the floor of my back seat. I would have been able to fit it in if it was about two or three inches smaller.

Another problem I have to deal with is that that this stroller does not fit through narrow aisles or single doors either. To get it through a single door I have to turn it sideways and drag it. I then also have to hope that there is a kind soul who will open the door for me or that the door is automatic. I have to be careful of knocking things off the shelves when going down narrow shopping aisles.

If you are collapsing your stroller several times a week, you cannot realistically use the grab bar. You have to remove it before you collapse your stroller. This is far too much of a hassle to snap on and off all the time as it is quite secure.


Regardless of the problem issues I still enjoy the stroller and believe that it will outlast any abuse. The negatives do not outweigh the positives, however I would have preferred it to be a back/front double stroller rather than a side by side, then I could get in through doorways. If only it could also fit in my car properly, I would use it a lot more often.

It is not the stroller that I was looking for, that I could whip in and out in a breeze, strap the kids in and go. However, it is a far better option than a shopping cart because the kids sit in it happily for a much longer period. It does allow me to do some light shopping and it is sanitary and secure.

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