Disney Light & Comfy Review

Micky Mouse Light N Comfy

If you’re a Disney fan, like I am and are on the look out for a car seat which is both practical and cute, you might be interested in the Mickey Mouse¬†car seat.


1. It’s cute without screaming Disney or looking childish

Although, it is a mickey mouse themed car seat, the bulk of the car seat consists of a plain black plastic base and a red sun shade. The subtle Mickey Mouse details come in the form of the black and white Mickey Mouse fabric, which lines the seat itself and a small Mickey Mouse silhouette, which is located on the front of the car seat. I love how from far away, this particular car seat looks like a normal, classic car seat but that when you get closer you can see the Mickey Mouse inspired details.

2. It’s the lightest car seat I could find

As I’m petite and only 5″5, I love how light this particular car seat is. In fact, it’s a breeze to carry it down the two flights of stairs from of our apartment to our car.

3. Keeps my baby’s feet warm

This car seat comes with an innovative pouch, that you can stick your baby’s feet inside so that they don’t get cold on those cold winter days. I can’t believe this feature isn’t stock standard on all car seats! Better yet, the foot cover is removable, which is handy should you wish to pop it into the wash.

4. Built with safety in mind

Personally, my number one priority when it came to choosing a car seat for my daughter was to find a car seat which included a variety of in built safety features. One reason why I ended up choosing this particular car seat is that it boasts a five point harness, instead of a traditional safety belt. Having such a secure harness, means that I can concentrate on driving and don’t have to worry about my daughter being able to wriggle out of her car seat.

As an added bonus, I’m pleased that this particular model is a rear facing car seat as I’ve heard that children under the age of two shouldn’t be put in a forward facing car seat. As, in the unlikely event that you’re involved in a car crash your baby will be more protected in a rear facing car seat.

5. Can be customized as your baby grows

The five point harness which I mentioned above boasts 4 different height positions as well as 3 different buckle positions, so as your baby grows you’ll be able to adjust the height and buckle positions on the five point harness, to ensure the best fit possible.

6. Neat latch storage system

In the past when I’ve babysat girlfriends’ babies I’ve had trouble ensuring that the straps and connectors on their babies’ car seats didn’t get tangled. I think the latch storage system that this model offers is a wonderful idea which must work as I’ve never had a problem with tangled connectors.


1. Only compatible with certain strollers

This particular model is compatible with a variety of strollers, however when I went stroller shopping many of the strollers which I was interested in purchasing weren’t compatible with my car seat. So if you choose to purchase this car seat, you might want to do a little online investigating to find a compatible stroller.

How does it compare to a similar car seat?

You may be wondering how this model compares to a similar car seat, such as the First Years Via Infant Car Seat, which is Minnie Mouse themed. Both car seats boast five point, one touch, harnesses but the First Years car seat lacks many of the special features which the Light N Comfy car seat boasts, such as a foot pouch, side impact protection and a latch system which ensures that your car seat’s connectors don’t get tangled. While both car seats will do the job, the First Years car seats seems like a basic model compared to the Light N Comfy car seat.


So if you’ve been shopping around for a car seat for awhile and haven’t been able to find a car seat which is cute and stylish, as well as practical, stop what you’re doing and grab your own Mickey Mouse car seat. You won’t be disappointed! Just be warned, if my experience is anything to go by, you’re liable to get a lot of compliments on how cute your car seat is.

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