Delta Safe-n-Clear Review

If you’re the type of parent who feels the need to constantly check up on your baby, once you’ve put it down for nap you may be interested in the Delta Children Safe-n-Clear, digital baby monitor. Which will allow you to move freely around your home, whilst still keeping tabs on your child. To find out about the distinct advantages and disadvantages of this particular model, simply continue reading.

What I love about it

1. Boasts a wireless range of 800 feet

Even if you have a large home, you should be able to monitor your son or daughter, from the opposite end of your house. I frequently use my monitor when I’m downstairs cooking in the kitchen and my daughter is sleeping upstairs in her nursery.

2. Handy battery indicator light

It features a low battery indicator light, so that you can replace your monitor’s batteries before you monitor runs out of power and shuts down.

3. Comes with a belt clip

The parent unit comes with a belt clip, so that you can move from room to room, without having to worry about picking up and putting down your parent unit. As an example, I always put my parent monitor on my belt clip when I’m entertaining friends and moving to and from the kitchen, to the dining room.

4. Ultra sensitive microphone

One of the biggest benefits of choosing this particular model is that the child unit boasts a highly sensitive microphone. So if your child is tossing and turning and is coughing or having trouble breathing, you’ll be able to hear that they require your immediate attention. Whereas some baby monitors on the market only pick up louder noises such as a baby crying or a toddler talking.

5. LED sound indicator

If it’s too noisy in the room you’re in, to hear the noises coming from your parent monitor, you’ll still be able to gauge how noisy or how quiet it is in your child’s room but taking a glance at the LED sound indicator lights on your parent monitor. As an example, when I have to take a phone call, I keep my parent monitor close by so that I can view it’s sound indicator lights.

6. Connection indicator light

An added bonus of choosing the Safe & Clear is that it boasts an indicator light, which will tell you if your parent monitor is successfully linked to your child monitor. So you don’t have to guess whether or not you’re in range or if your connection is being interfered with by another wireless device. After all there’s no point having a child monitor, if it’s not working properly.

What I would change about it

1. Battery operated

It requires 3 AAA batteries, which is a shame as I would’ve preferred if it powered by being placed on a charger station as I’m the type of person who always forgets to purchase new batteries, once they need replacing. However, if you do run out of batteries you can leave the main unit hooked up to a power socket.

How does it stack up against the competition?

Another popular baby monitor in the same price bracket is the Safety 1st Crystal Clear audio monitor. If you’re tossing up between the two, I’d definitely recommend the Safe-n-Clear monitor as the Crystal Clear monitor only has a wireless range of 500 meters whilst the Safe-n-Clear boasts a wireless range of 800 meters.

Another reason to avoid purchasing the Crystal Clear is that it picks up too much static noise and if you turn the volume down, so that the static sound disappears you won’t be able to hear what your child is up to. In contrast after four months of using my Safe-n-Clear model, I’ve never had problems with static noise. So whilst, both monitors are available for a similar price in my eyes the Safe & Clear model is by far the superior device.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive, wireless baby monitor, you really can’t go wrong choosing to purchase the Delta Children Safe-n-Clear so what are you waiting for, if you’re tired of physically checking up on your child every five minutes, do yourself a favor and get one now.

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