Contours Optima Elite Review

Contours Optima Elite Review

Before you purchase a new product, it’s important to do a little research as often products don’t live up to the claims on their boxes. If you’re keen on finding out about the pros and cons of the Contours Optima Elite tandem stroller, then continue reading.


1. Reversible seats

As both seats are reversible, I have configured my stroller so that my three month old daughter’s seat faces me, whilst my son’s seat faces forward. Alternatively, you can try having your children face each other, so that they can keep each other company.

2. Stadium style seating

The rear seat is slightly elevated so that the child who is seated in it has a clear view over the head of the child who is seated in the front seat.

3. Comfortable seats

Both seats boast padded head rests and can be reclined. I also appreciate how I can recline one seat and keep one seat upright, if one of my children wants to lie down and take a nap and the other wants to stay awake and watch the world go by.

4. Narrow design

At just 25.3 inches wide, I have no issue navigating busy sidewalks and crowded shops aisles. Whilst my sister who has a wider tandem stroller has to line her stroller up carefully to get through a narrow door way, I can pass through without worrying about dinging the side of my stroller.

5. Easy to steer

The front two wheels swivel around, so steering and maneuvering the Optima stroller is a breeze. Before I was gifted an Optima stroller by my mom, I had a stroller which had four traditional wheels and often had to reverse my stroller, before turning it, in order to make a tight turn.

6. Five point safety harness

The Optima boasts a five point safety harness, which will ensure that both of your children are secured properly. Better yet, when your child’s harness is secured, it will make a clicking sound so that there is no doubt in your mind that you’ve secured them properly.

7. Constructed out of light weight aluminum

When it comes to choosing a tandem stroller it’s critical to choose one which is not only sturdy but is also constructed out of light weight materials, as you don’t want to purchase a stroller which you can’t lift into the trunk of your car or which is too heavy to maneuver. As the Optima is constructed out of aluminum, it’s lighter than many of the alternatives which are on the market.

8. Extra large storage basket

The Optima’s storage basket which is located underneath it’s seats offers ample room for your essentails. In fact, I often push my stroller to my local grocery store and find that my stroller has enough space to hold a few shopping bag.


1. Takes up all the room in my trunk

When folded up my stroller can fit in the trunk our car. However, it’s a tight fit and I have to remove both of my stroller’s seats in order for the stroller itself to fit in my trunk.

A quick comparison

For roughly the same price as the Optima, you could purchase the Graco Fastaction Fold Duo. So which stroller is superior and offers better value for money? The most noticeable difference between the two strollers is that the Optima has two seats configured one in front of the other, whilst the Graco Fastaction Fold Duo has two seats, which are configured side by side. The honest truth is that the Optima is a far better choice as it’s narrower and as a result much easier to maneuver.

Also whilst the Graco Fastaction Fold Duo may be suitable for toddlers, I would never recommend it to a friend with infants as parents don’t have the option of reversing it’s seats to face them. Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable not being able to keep an eye on my youngest.


If you’re in the market for a tandem stroller, it’s worth seriously considering purchasing the Contours Optima as it’s highly customizable and offers a range of modern features.

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