Chicco Echo Review

Chicco Echo Double Stroller

The Chicco Echo twin stroller, coal, is extremely family friendly and easy to use. I haven’t had many problems with this stroller and my two young children seem to be very happy with their seating arrangements.

The stroller is easy to move and adjust, rolls smoothly, and has a great security system so that my kids are strapped in safely and yet comfortably. The stroller has some great features and the dark coal color that it comes in looks very nice and clean, even after prolonged use.


  • Lovely Coal design.
  • A comfortable embroidered seat pad.
  • Reclineable seats which can be moved to four different positions.
  • Side by side, compact design.
  • Mesh storage basket which is easy to store essential belongings in.
  • European wheel styling.
  • A dual canopy that can be used to provide your children with protection, whether it is raining, snowing or windy. This canopy can be unzipped to allow air flow.
  • Easy to use locking swivels on the wheels so that you can stop the stroller and keep it at rest position, even in a moving vehicle.Easy to fold up for storage.
  • Used for children 6 months 40 lbs per seat.


  • This stroller is very well designed and convenient for parents while comfortable and safe for children. The seats are padded and the seat belts are very secure, able to be adjusted to fit in a child of any size.
  • The side by side design tends to be more convenient and easier to navigate.
  • It is easy to store essential belongings in the mesh storage basket and it is easy to access while on the move.
  • Not flimsy at all. The stroller has a very compact feel and yet is lightweight and transportable, as well as easy to fold up and store away.
    Great for public transportation because the seats sit side by side and are therefore more convenient for crowded spaces.
  • The reclineable seats are definitely a huge benefit of this stroller because it allows your child to always be comfortable, whether they are playing, enjoying the view, or are sleeping. There are four different options and therefore you can ensure that your child is always feeling safe and comfortable.
  • Extremely functional with sturdy wheels, mesh baskets, and a foot lever which allows you to put down the brakes effortlessly.


  • Some users have complained about the coverage that comes with this stroller and that they do not feel protected enough if there are ever any problems. I have not experienced any problems with this stroller and don’t expect to anytime soon.
  • Some users have also stated that they have experienced some issues with the foot lever which has stopped working or has snapped off completely. I haven’t experienced anything like this and the foot lever seems very sturdy and secure.

In my opinion, the benefits definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to this stroller. The stroller is highly efficient and proves convenient in any type of situation, whether I’m with my children on public transit or I’m packing away the stroller for the night. It folds up effortlessly and is definitely designed for efficiency and security.

My children are always safe when strapped into this stroller because the safety system is highly effective and buckles them in so that they will be protected in the case of any accident.

The dual canopy is also an amazing benefit because it allows my children to stay warm on cold days and it keeps the sun off of them on hot days. It’s a great stroller that has definitely put a lot of ease into my daily routine with my children.

Compared to the Cortina Together stroller:

This stroller is perhaps more convenient due to the fact that it is side by side rather than front and back. It allows you to see both of your children at one time if you need to do something, and also allows you to get them off of the stroller easier. With the Cortina Together double stroller, one child will be inside and harder to get out and access.

The shade of this Chicco Echo twin stroller¬†is marvelous and definitely gives the stroller a spectacular design. It is very simple and yet bold. If you don’t care about appearance, the main thing is that this stroller is highly functional and I have enjoyed using it.

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