Chicco Cortina Together Review

Chicco Cortina Together Review

If you recently had a new addition to your family, or just gave birth to twins and require a double stroller, you may be researching all the different makes and models which are available. If you’re tempted to purchase the Chicco Cortina Together but are a little unsure of whether or not it lives up to it’s hype, keep reading to discover a handy list of it’s pros and cons.

At the end of my review, I’ll also compare it to a similarly priced umbrella stroller, so that you can get a clear idea of whether or not it offers the best value for your money.

Some of the pros

1. You can configure it to meet the needs of your family

This stroller has been designed so that you can customize each of it’s seats. As an example, if you have just given birth to twins you can choose to place two bassinets in it. Alternatively, if you have a toddler and an infant, like I do, you can choose to place a toddler compatible seat in the front and a bassinet in the back.

2. Fully reclining back seat

The back seat reclines back to a flat position, a feature I find handy as it means that I can safely store my two month old baby’s bassinet on top of it. As a bonus, you can still access your storage basket, when your stroller’s back seat is fully reclined.

3. Spacious storage basket

While many strollers offer a storage basket, this particular model is unique as it features a zip up basket, which will ensure that none of your possessions fall out whilst you’re pushing your stroller down the street.

4. Handy parent friendly console

This particular model boasts a parent console located next to it’s handlebar, which has ample space to store essentials such as your smart phone, wallet and car keys. Which you might not want to bother retrieving from the stroller’s storage basket

5. Trolley mode

As double strollers are considerably heavier than a single stroller, the Chicco Cortina has been designed to fold up and transform into a compact trolley, which you can push along using it’s two rear wheels. If you’re worried that turning your stroller into a trolley will require a lot of fiddling around, don’t worry as I’m able to convert mine using just one hand.

6. Removable, child friendly arm bars and drink holders

This particular stroller allows you to add and remove child friendly arm rests and cup holders. As an example, as I keep my two month old is a bassinet on the rear seat of my stroller, I’ve removed the rear seats arm rests. However, as I have a 1 and 1/2 year old in the front seat, I’ve added an arm rest and a drink holder. The latter of which holds my toddlers sippy cup.

7. Height adjustable handlebar

I’m 5″4, so I appreciate the fact that I was able to lower my stroller’s handlebar from it’s factory setting, down to a height which is more comfortable for me to hold.


1. A little heavy for one person to lift

I’ll admit, it takes a lot of effort to lift it into the trunk of my car. However, I shouldn’t complain as I imagine most double strollers are just as heavy and my husband is able to lift it on his own without asking for my help.


You may be wondering how the Chicco Cortina Together double stroller compares to a similar double stroller. I recently test drove my friend’s double stroller, which is the Contours Options Elite tandem stroller and preferred my own stroller as although it offers a range of configurations, like my own stroller it lacks some of the bonus features my strollers boasts.

As an example, the Contours Options Elite doesn’t offer removable arm bars or drink holders and can’t be converted in a trolley. It also lacks an easily accessible storage console, which is a feature on my stroller which I use everyday.


If you require a double stroller to accommodate your growing family, you really can’t go wrong as there aren’t many double strollers on the market, which offer as many practical, innovative features as this double umbrella stroller from Chicco.

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