Chicco C6 Review

Chicco C6 Stroller, Black

The best travel umbrella stroller

I bought this stroller because I wanted a stroller that was not too expensive to take overseas and I saw there were many great reviews for this Chicco C6 stroller. The truth is, I already have a Maclaren stroller that cost about $300, but I think I prefer the Chicco! Not only is my baby exceptionally happy in it, but it is also so lightweight and easy to fold. I find this stroller really easy to push in the airports and it has a bag with a carry strap which makes it the perfect stroller for travel. With the breaks applied when it it folded, it is easy to lean against something.

The sunshade is really nice and the fact that it can be snapped towards the back of the stroller or be completely unsnapped to change the angle, depending on the direction of the sun. I previously had a Jeep umbrella stroller and in comparison, the Chicco is significantly wider than most other inexpensive strollers. Where my baby previously appeared to be cramped, she now has more space for movement. I will be able to use this stroller for many more months, especially for travel purposes and on the subway. This stroller folds up real compact and takes up very little space in the trunk compared to other strollers.

Truly a hidden gem of this stroller is the benefits of the stroller strap. Although it was not intended for using as a guide for an older child who is walking alongside, it is most helpful! By teaching your child to hold onto this strap, they can walk freely without getting lost. My child remained constantly close enough to the stroller for me to guide him and he now always knows that he must hold onto it. He will do so as soon as we are in the parking lot, without being told. However, I do not recommend this for a child who is overly active and may not listen and follow instructions.

The main drawback of this stroller is that my husband, who is over six foot has to hunch over while pushing it. It is best to test the stroller before you buy it as it may be uncomfortable and not suitable for a taller person. Visit to locate your closest store where you can try out this stroller.

Of course you should bear in mind that this stroller was not designed for a ten mile walk and because it is lightweight it is easy to maneuver around. Unfolding and collapsing it are also simple. One of the main disadvantages of purchasing a stroller that many individuals complain about, is that they do not recline, are not very strong and have hardly any storage space. I found that these issues are addressed with this stroller. The back of the stroller reclines which is perfect for a little baby who still needs support to help them sit. The fabric used in the design is durable and sturdy.

The five point harness system ensures that my baby is well secured. It is simple to get them into the harness and they are held in comfortably. The frame of this stroller is made from a durable, lightweight aluminum, which is very much the same as that which is used to make bicycles. I do not mind moving it from my home to the car every other day, because it is so easy to carry.

The simple push button release is able to have the stroller up again in just a few seconds. The storage bag is great as it makes the stroller extra easy to carry around and the perpendicular to the ground handles, ensure that they are really comfortable to hold. The storage tote is not very large but will easily accommodate all that you need. This compact, lightweight stroller combines most of the elements of large strollers, including storage, recliner, durability, canopy and can be use for a tiny baby with all the elements of a small size lightweight stroller. With the rear and front wheels able to lock to prevent any steering, the front caster style wheels can freely rotate.

A good quality stroller can make your life stress-free and this one works well for me. It is easy to recommend it to others because I find it so simple to use. If you are looking for a stroller that you can easily manage, is fun and durable, then go ahead and get one now.

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