Chicco Bravo Review

Chicco Bravo Umbrella Stroller

The best umbrella stroller with basket

If you’re looking for a practical stroller which you’ll be able to use from the day your baby is born till the day it reaches 50 pounds, you may be interested in purchasing the Chicco Bravo. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Chicco Bravo stroller, continue reading to discover it’s pros and cons as well as how it stacks up against a similarly priced stroller.

What I love about it

1. Easy access basket

One detail I love about this stroller is that it boasts a spacious basket, which can comfortably accommodate my baby bag and a few extra belongings such as a baby blanket and a rain jacket. Better yet, I can access my stroller’s basket from both the front and rear of my stroller.

2. Height adjustable handle

I appreciate the fact that the Chicco Bravo stroller has an height adjustable handle, as it means that my husband and I can adjust the handle of our stroller to suit our specific heights. Whilst I’m 5″7 and keep our stroller’s handle at it’s standard height, my husband who is 6″2, can raise the height of our stroller’s handle in a few seconds flat.

3. Folds up for easy storage

My favorite feature is that I can fold up my stroller, using one hand. As I often take my daughter on public transport, I love having the ability to fold her stroller up, when we travel on a plane or bus, so that it doesn’t get in the way of our fellow commuters. As my family and I live in an inner city apartment we also appreciate being able to fit it in one of our closets.

4. Boasts a storage tray for your drinks

If you’re like me and are a self confessed coffee addict, you’ll appreciate that the Chicco Bravo Stroller boasts a storage tray which offers multiple cup holders. The storage tray also features a variety of slots which you can keep your baby’s snacks in.

5. Transforms into a car seat carrier

Should you choose to purchase this stroller, you won’t have to purchase a separate car seat carrier, as by removing the sun shade and seat, your stroller will double as a top of the line car seat.

6. Offers a plethora of safety features

Nothing’s more important that your bundle of joy, so it’s important to consider a stroller’s safety features before making a purchase. It boasts a variety of safety features including a five point safety harness and linked rear brakes.

7. Ensures a comfortable ride

It boasts a comfortable reclining seat, which overs several different positions as well as all wheel suspension. The latter of which ensures that your baby enjoys a smooth, comfortable ride.

What I don’t like about it

1. Requires assembly

The stroller doesn’t come preassembled and requires 5-10 minutes of time to assemble. However, my husband and I had no trouble putting our stroller together, despite the fact that we didn’t read the instructions that came with our stroller.

How does it compare to a similarly priced model:

The Chicco Bravo is roughly the same price as the Summer Infant Fuze. So which strollers offers better value for money? While both strollers boast an adjustable handle, a spacious basket, light aluminum frames and five point safety harnesses, the Chicco is definitely the superior stroller as it doubles as a car seat carrier.

As a bonus, once your baby outgrows it, you can make a few minor adjustments to it, so that it turns into a toddle specific stroller, which can accommodate toddlers who weigh up to 50 pounds. Whilst, once your baby outgrows the Summer Infant, there is no way to upgrade it into a toddler friendly stroller.


If you’re looking for a stroller which offers a plethora of safety features and will guarantee that your baby will enjoy a comfortable ride, you can’t go wrong with the Chicco Bravo. Plus, as an added bonus modern features such as handy cup holders, which are designed to hold your coffee cups, don’t hurt either.

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