Car Seat Options

Car Seat Options

Just like when you’re buying a car, there are options and features that fall under the comfort and aesthetic categories as opposed to the more important safety category. That doesn’t mean you want to ignore them, however. When looking for an infant car seat, toddler car seat or convertible seat, there are some features that are worth paying attention to.

Machine Washable Covers

If you’re a mom, you know all about laundry. And you know how messy kids can be. If you’re often on the go, with your kids strapped into a car seat, chances are they often have some sort of a drink or snack with them. And of course there are things like muddy feet, dirty hands, and just a variety of ways they can mess up their car seat cover. To save yourself from having to go out and buy a new car seat because the old one has become too nasty for you to look at, make sure the cover is washable. You can find some that are only hand washable, and while that’s better than nothing, you may decide that having a machine washable cover is the best way to go. So just take note of that information before you make a final purchase.


Do you like sitting in a hard seat for hours on end? Chances are your child won’t either. Do them a favor, and ultimately you, by making sure their car seat have plenty of soft, plush padding. And this should be on the seat area, the back area and even the headrests. If space allows, you may even role up towels and talk them in on each side. This will provide added support as well.

Think Long-Term

If you’re expecting, and you’re just in the stage of researching car seats, why not think about a seat that will grow with your child, saving you the expense of buying a new seat for each stage of their development. An infant car seat for your newborn, a toddler car seat next, and then a booster seat until they’re big enough to sit in the car seat with just the seatbelts. These convertible car seats transition from a rear facing seat that is necessary for babies, typically up to about 20 pounds, to a front facing car seat for toddlers, which they’ll stay in until they only require a booster seat. I’ve reviewed several excellent convertible car seats here, so be sure to take a look at them.