Britax B-Ready Review

Britax B-Ready Stroller

The best umbrella stroller with storage space

If you’re interested in purchasing the Britax B-Ready stroller but would like to read about a mom’s first hand experience using it, before spending your hard earned cash, you’ve come to the right place! Continue reading to learn about my favorite features as well as how it compares to a similarly priced stroller, the UPPAbaby Cruz.

My favorite features:

1. It’s compatible with my Britax car seat

If you are looking to purchase a Britax branded car seat or bassinet, you’ll be able to click it straight into your stroller. If you’d prefer to purchase a car seat from a rival brand, you’ll still be able to place it into your new stroller, by purchasingthe infant car seat adapter frame.

2.There are 14 different ways to configure your stroller

This particular model boasts an innovative click and go system which allows you to configure your stroller into any one of 14 different configurations. As an example, I often reverse the top seat, so that I can keep an eye on my daughter.

3. You have the option of adding a second seat to your stroller

If you’re expecting twins or plan on having two infants who are close in age, you’ll be able to add a second seat or bassinet to your stroller. As an example you could install an infant seat alongside the top seat, which your stroller comes with, should you fall pregnant shortly after your first baby is born.

4. The sun canopy features a handy ventilation window

Whilst sun canopies are a must have feature, when it comes to shopping for a stroller, I was worried that my daughter would over heat should I put the canopy of my stroller up, as I live in a state where it’s normally hot and humid. When I discovered that my stroller boasted a ventilation window, which allows air to pass into the stroller whilst still protecting my daughter from the glare of the sun, I was ecstatic.

5. It offers a smooth ride

One of the unique advantages which my model offers is that it boasts foam filled rubber tyres, which offer an incredibly smooth ride. In fact, my daughter is so comfortable in her stroller that she normally falls asleep within minutes of being tucked in.

6. Simple brake system

The Britax B-Ready Stroller features a one step, foot break which will give you the option to lock and unlock the rear wheels of your stroller with just one touch of your foot.

7. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals

It’s one of the only infant strollers on the market which is marketed as being lead, latex, BPA and Phthalate free. It’s surprising how many strollers on the market can’t make the same claim or have complaints from disgruntled parents whose children have come up in rashes or hives after being placed in their stroller.


1. Assembly is required

If you expect your stroller to turn up on your doorstep preassembled like I did, you may be a little disappointed. However, don’t worry as the assembly process is a breeze and doesn’t require the use of any tools.

The Britax B-Ready vs the UPPAbaby

Sure, the Britax B-Ready Stroller may offer a ton of features but how does it stack up against the UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller, which is a stroller in the same price bracket? Like the Britax B-Ready, the UPPAbaby Cruz offers a few different configuration settings, however as it offers 14 different configurations the Britax B-Ready beats the UPPAbaby Cruz hands down, especially as it gives you the flexibility to add a second seat, should you have a second child.

The UPPAbaby Cruz stroller also lacks many of the other features which the Britax B-Ready offers such as a one step foot break, a ventilation window and durable foam filled rubber tyres. In fact one of my friends who owns the UPPAbaby remarked on how quickly the tread on her strollers tyres wore down.

So whether you’re expecting a bundle of joy or have already given birth to your son or daughter, you seriously can’t go wrong with the Britax B-Ready stroller. It’s definitely one of the most practical, not to mention customizable, infant strollers on the market and offers all the features and mod cons which you should expect from a modern stroller.

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