Britax B-Agile Review

Britax B-Agile Side by Side Stroller

I was overcome by many different emotions when I first heard my wife Lisa was pregnant with twin boys. I was of course overjoyed, but I also worried about the cost of buying twice as much baby stuff.

Fortunately, companies like Britax make baby products for people in our situation. Their B-Agile double stroller was a baby shower gift from my mother-in-law Tracy and it has been amazing. You can click here to see why we love it so much or just keep reading.

Awesome features

After delivering a couple of six pound miracles, Lisa needed time to recuperate, and the stroller allowed me to take both my sons walking simultaneously. They’re nine months now but they both can still fit comfortably into the stroller. This is so much easier than walking one twin at a time and pushing two strollers is a nearly impossible task for one person.

One of the best features of the stroller is the height adjustable handle. I’m nearly a foot taller than Lisa, but we can both adjust the stroller to a height that we find ideal.

Another great feature is the quick fold design which makes it easy to load the stroller into our minivan. The stroller is constructed from durable, light-weight aluminum so it weighs just over thirty-five pounds.

Even our babysitter Karen loves the double stroller, because it has so much storage room. There is an open storage area beneath and it can be accessed from behind the stroller. There is also additional storage in zipping pockets behind each seat. The protective canopies also fold down all the way to wipe the boy’s faces or feed them.

Best of all, the stroller is comfortable for my sons. It features an adjustable reclining seat, but the boys are typically sitting forward to observe the world around them. They can also interact with each other as the seats are adjacent. Tracy thought this was a better option than the Chicco Cortina together double stroller which has one sweat behind the other.

Compared to others

The Chicco Cortina Together design doesn’t let the babies see and interact with one another. The Chicco is constructed as a single stroller with an extra seat added on to the back. However, the B-Agile is constructed like two strollers that have been melded together.

Our stroller also features a larger canopy to shield my children’s eyes from the sun. The B-Agile is also rated for up to fifty pounds per seat as opposed to the forty pounds per seat of the Chicco. This model also handles better than many other double strollers. It has four wheels on the front as opposed to other side-by-sides like the Schwinn Discover stroller which has only one.

This makes for much easier handling going forward and backwards. The stroller also includes the Britax click & go infant car seat receivers which makes it easy to transfer the boys from the vehicle to the car and back.

Almost perfect

There are a few cons to the B-Agile stroller such as the price tag. However, Tracy only had to buy the one stroller so it’s worth it. The stroller is also extremely wide, making it difficult to maneuver through small spaces. People who frequent public transit may find it to be too cumbersome.

The design is slim enough to fit through standard doors, but others may have to stand aside for a moment. The stroller is also compatible only with Britax chaperone and B-Safe baby car seats. These are superior products to protect a child in a vehicle, but they may be beyond the more modest price ranges. Fortunately, the car seats can be left in the vehicle, because the five point harness in each seat will keep the babies secure during walks.

The stroller is definitely one of the best baby gifts we’ve received because it makes a little easier to raise twins. We’ve had to buy twice as many diapers, pacifiers and cribs, but now we only need one stroller. Of course, the B-Agile isn’t perfect as is no baby product. However, the pros of the B-Agile far outweigh the cons.

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