Britax B-Agile Review

Britax B-Agile Umbrella Stroller

As a high rated stroller on Amazon’s standard baby stroller category, our expectations for the Britax 2016 B-Agile stroller, black edition were astronomically high. Thankfully, those expectations weren’t let down- this is probably one of the best purchases my husband and I made this year for our two-year-old.

Before we start, I think a little bit of explanation is warranted on why I chose this product over other similarly-priced strollers. My husband already bought a Britax Chaperone car seat two months ago, and we have been pretty satisfied with the product. The B-Agile is perfectly compatible with both the Britax Chaperone and the B Safe infant car seats. You wouldn’t even have to buy an adapter! If you do want to use other manufacturers’ infant car seats, you would have to buy the adapter, which is sold separately from this product.

Now, let’s get on with the review.

The “Agile” in this product’s name isn’t for nothing- this stroller is extremely light! It’s also compact enough that you can easily fit it into a small car. If you live in an apartment or house with multiple levels and stairs, then the B-Agile’s lightness is a godsend. The whole thing can be folded up and collapsed with just one hand: simply pull up and LIFT and you’re good to go.

My kid used to be contented to just lie back and enjoy his stroller rides, but now he wants to take in more of the scenery as we stroll along. Thankfully enough, the B-Agile is capable of infinite recline positions, so we can easily adjust the seat accordingly. I wouldn’t even have to worry that he would fall out of the seat- the 5-point harness is sturdy enough to keep him safely in place. My husband tried tugging at the harness to see just how strong it is, and we can confirm that it would take a lot of force for it to break or snap.

As for the comfort factor, my kid has no complaints. The seat has great padding, and it’s roomy enough to for him not to feel too constricted. The B-Agile’s canopy is also pretty awesome too- it’s gigantic and has a mesh window so that you and your child can see each other.

The B-Agile is obviously in the middle range of the price spectrum. Despite this, the pricier strollers we have “invested” on in the past (for our older child) got nothing on this product. For example, we bought a Quinny Zapp folding stroller a few years ago that was priced around four hundred dollars.

Despite the high price, the Quinny Zapp stroller feels flimsily made, hard to fold and collapse, and is basically not parent-friendly with its lack of storage spaces and low handle height. With the B-Agile, we have no such complaints.

The whole stroller can be comfortably pushed by me as well as my 6″2 husband, and there’s a spacious storage area under the seat and a zippered pocket on the back where we can comfortably store our stuff when we stroll. The suspension and wheels work great, and rolling the whole thing is easy over most kinds of indoor terrain.

Of course, the B-Agile is not a perfect product; there are a few tweaks that we suggest that the manufacturer work up on. First, put a cup holder on the thing! Some of the best strollers today have cup holders on them, and this can really be convenient for parents who love to have a bottle of water on them when they go out.

Final words

And lastly (which is the most important, in my opinion) is to improve the wheels! The wheels are bare with no tread, and rolling it over gravel or other off-road terrain is hell. It’s made out of plastic, so it is more prone to damage and everyday wear and tear than rubber wheels. Despite these minor setbacks, the B-Agile stroller is still an overall great product.

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