BOB Revolution Review

BOB Revolution Double Stroller

This BOB Revolution SE duallie stroller is a highly compact and versatile stroller that has proven its efficiency in a variety of different situations. It is mainly used on rough terrain and for any sport experience where you would like to bring your kids along.

Whether I’m in the city, out in the park, in the mountains, or on the beach, this stroller is designed perfectly for any condition and will keep your two children safe and comfortable. Designed in an effective side by side style, your children will be right next to each other, strapped in safely, and will be comfortable and content. I always feel comfortable putting my children in this stroller because it is very well made and sturdy, and straps them in snugly.

The stroller is available in a combination of orange and gray or black and gray. The orange color is very cheerful and yet still looks clean after prolonged use. The stroller has a very sturdy and yet lightweight build so that you can move it and store it with ease. Checking out this stroller is definitely a good idea if you are looking for a sturdy and convenient double.


  • Swiveling front wheel.
  • Wheels are good for any type of surface pavement, grass, and gravel, or dirt.
  • The stroller folds up in two simple steps, made possible by the lightweight frame. This allows you to transport it easily as well as store it away.
    Unbeatable suspension system allows for a comfortable ride for your children, who will barely feel the ground underneath them.
  • Padded seats which are reclineable.
  • Five point padded harness which keeps your child strapped in and safe.
  • The Accessory Adapter feature secures a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter and a Snack Tray for any toddler.
  • Two canopies that allow you to cover your children and shield them from the elements when need be.
  • Waterproof material.


  • This is a great choice for parents and caregivers of two children, as it will allow you to have them side by side and secure through any journey.
  • Travel anywhere from the zoo, to the woods, to the beach in this versatile ride.
  • State of the art suspension system that will make sure your baby or toddler isn’t bumping around in their seat.
  • The swiveling wheel allows the ultimate maneuvering capabilities and lets you move quickly, through crowded areas, or whatever your environment presents you with. Turning is extremely easy.
  • The stroller is very easy to manage as it is easy to fold up and store away. It is sturdy and yet lightweight, meaning you won’t feel like the stroller is too hard for you to manage. This stroller definitely feels like a natural extension to your daily routine and allows you to move your children effortlessly.
  • The side by side design is definitely a great design because it allows you to access both of your children at once and make sure that everything is running smoothly.
  • I can describe the stroller as like pushing air, that is how weightless and suspended it is. There is also a peek-a-boo canopy so that you can see your child while you’re on the move and check up on them, which is a very convenient benefit.
  • Cushion like support all over the seat as well as a comfortable headrest for your children.


  • I found the stroller to be a bit heavier than other models. If you’re looking to push it around all day, it could provide you with some good exercise.
  • The fold is rather large and can be hard to fit into some cars.

All in all

This stroller gets the job done and is perfect for parents like myself who like to get out in the mountains hiking, on the beach, and have their children along for the ride. This stroller is very versatile, is protective and secure, and will definitely impress you.

The only drawbacks is that it could be too large or heavy for some users, but I find it to be perfect and the maneuvering wheel and suspension system are two of the main factors that contribute to my high opinion of this stroller.

You should definitely check out this stroller to see if it is something you might see yourself using to get your children around quickly and comfortably.

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