BOB Revolution SE Review

BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller

Exercise is a very effective way to combat post-partum depression. When I started suffering of a very severe depression after my baby was born, my doctor recommended that I try to exercise. I live in an apartment, so I can’t have a treadmill and I don’t live near a gym. I decided I would start running outside, as it is the most convenient way for me to exercise.

I bought sneakers, leggings and a sport cami, but I still needed a way to bring my baby with me on my runs. My doctor recommended the BOB Revolution SE. She said this is what she uses, and that it’s a great jogger stroller. I gave it a try! This is what I think about the stroller after using it for 10 months.

This stroller is very versatile. I was afraid that as a novice jogger, I would struggle to use this stroller, but on the contrary, it is very easy to use. In fact, it is so versatile that you can also use it to take walks with your baby or just strolls around town to go for coffee or to go shopping.

Lightweight frame

It has a lightweight frame (only 25 pounds) but is very sturdy. The suspension is amazing on this thing. You feel no bump when you run! It’s really superb both for you and for your child. Your child is comfortable, and you do not get useless strain on your elbows and arms because of the constant shocks.

As a novice runner, this was a major plus for me. I could barely run at first, and I didn’t need extra strain on my body. The BOB Revolution has a quick fold mechanism. It is only two steps: two levers to pull and you are done. It folds on itself twice and gets very small. Ideal if you have a small car, or if you have to take public transportation to reach the trail or bike path where you run. There’s a safety strap to make sure the stroller stays folded. It is very portable, and as I said, only weights 25 pounds.

No struggles

It is totally feasible to walk with my baby in one arm and the stroller in the other. I love it for that. There’s nothing worse than struggling with a big and heavy stroller.You can start using this stroller when your child is still an infant, but you will need a compatible BOB Revolution car seat to attach to the stroller since the stroller’s seat will only fit a child eight months or older.

You can start running with your child as soon as your child is 2 months old (in the attached car seat). This will be ideal for people who already have a BOB Revolution car seat (like myself). If you do not own a compatible car seat already you’ll either have to buy one, or wait until your child is old enough to fit into the stroller’s seat.

Well worth the price

Fortunately, you pay for what you get! This stroller is indestructible, super sturdy and comfortable. It is well worth its price. As for how it handles the road: it is smooth as silk. It is so light you almost don’t feel it. The big air-filled tires are like little cushions.

They can handle rocks, branches, holes, bumps, grass; even easy mountain trails. The undercarriage is big enough, but if you are in the habit of carrying a big diaper bag, it may not be big enough for you.


There are two cup holders on the handle (which is really comfortable, by the way), but I tend to never use them because the bottles get in the way when you run. If price and undercarriage space are not an issue for you, I definitely recommend you get the BOB Revolution stroller yourself.

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