BOB Revolution Flex Review

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller

I had seen so many of my friends and family members use the BOB Revolution Flex stroller that when I found out I was expecting, it became number one on my shopping list. This stroller is perfect for taller people, so it made perfect sense for my husband and I. The adjustable handlebar makes all the difference.

Sturdy feel

This stroller looks and feels sturdy and of all the strollers we looked at in the baby and child stores, the BOB Revolution Flex Stroller was by far the sturdiest we came across. Weighing in at 26 pounds, the BOB is hardly the lightest stroller around, but it is alright as a jogging stroller.

Once removed from your trunk the setup and collapse of this stroller is relatively easy. For a single jog or stroll each day you will find this stroller more than adequate, but having to take it in and out of the car several times in one day will tire you out.

Great maneuverability

When this jogging stroller was designed, it was obviously maneuverability they had in mind. The BOB is easier and more fun to push because of the large wheels with inflatable tires.

With the storage compartment loaded and the car seat it can sometimes feel a little difficult to push around, but there are no small rigid wheels that are hard to turn constantly making life difficult for you.

Storage issues

Storage is probably the greatest weakness of this stroller. The storage compartment will hold only a large diaper bag and several small items. However, if your primary use for this stroller is during jogging, then this will not become an issue.

I find that I have to take only what I really need with me, because I use it as an all-purpose stroller. You can add on attachment storage compartments, in which you can store some of your stuff.

Top quality

I used different strollers with my previous child and I have to say that this is by far the best stroller I have ever used. I would always buy cheaper strollers in an attempt to save money, but I could have saved myself the time and effort if I had just purchased the BOB in the first place. This stroller is made from durable and strong materials and offers a smooth ride.

Although this stroller appears to be large it can actually fold up quite small. Removing the wheels is simple. The large canopy on this stroller has a transparent section through which you can see your baby when it is completely open and folded down.

I had to purchase a cupholder separately as the stroller does not have one and I found that the over the shoulder straps of the safety harness, which are supposed to be at or below shoulder level, cannot be pulled tightly enough to secure my child. I have to move them all the way to the top where they are connected to the back. Now that I have purchased a cup holder console my BOB is the perfect jogging stroller.

Quick comparison

Compared to the Chicco or Graco, the BOB’s seat recline is more difficult to adjust, especially with your child in it. However, I find this too much of a minor issue to be bothered about it. I really appreciate the great design of this stroller. The fabric sections have no plastic bits or tricky clips that may break, as they are designed for easy removal with a screwdriver.

Despite its large size, the BOB is easy to move around even though it is really solid, it is light enough. Thanks to the adjustable handle, it feels comfortable for me or my husband to push around. The shock absorbers on this stroller are not only for show, but they do soften the ride. My baby hardly feels anything as the stroller navigates across the bumpy sidewalks and roads. Compared to many other compact strollers the large wheels move easily across gravel, snow or slush.


The BOB still takes up quite a bit of room in the trunk when it is collapsed, but it will fit comfortably without removing the wheels. However, it does not fold quite as quick as several other compact models.

Once folded, the BOB can also easily fit behind the back seat of a minivan. My baby seems to be comfortable and enjoy the ride whenever I take her jogging. I really enjoy this stroller, and I am sure you will too!

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