BOB Revolution Flex Review

BOB Flex Double Stroller

Of the many things that seem to make caring for two little ones a bit more complex, I rate having to find the right stroller as one of them. I first went through three whole strollers in the year between when my daughter was born and when my son came along.

When I was then faced with having to find something that fit both of them, along with my own needs, I knew I didn’t want to keep going through those expensive rounds of trial and error, so I took some real time to do the research and find a double stroller that would last.

What I love about my BOB Revolution Flex

They say that raising a child takes a whole village, and that’s sort of how it is in my family. I’m not just a parent – I’m a busy person, so thank goodness I have not only my spouse, but my parents, two cousins, and aunt to help me out. That means my kids get do quite a bit of traveling around some months, and so does their gear.

That’s why I was glad to find that the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie stroller comes with a padded, adjustable handlebar. And when they say it’s adjustable, they really mean it. There are 9 different position options for the handlebar, allowing it to fit the comfort needs of an adult of any height.

What that handle means for me is that there few complaints when I drop the kids off with their stroller. My kids love a relaxing ride around the neighborhood in their stroller. It’s a great way to calm them, and the excellent comfort awaiting those who have to push the stroller means whoever is babysitting gets twice the benefit.

But, what I like about this stroller doesn’t stop there. Because I sometimes have to transport it around a lot, easy folding is essential. The lightweight frame and the two-step folding makes it fairly easy for me to get the stroller packed up and in the car.

For busy parents out there who simply don’t need another hassle, this stroller is definitely easy to love. It rides smooth thanks to its adjustable suspension system, while the swiveling front wheel makes quick, steady maneuvering impressively simple, and the padded five-point padded harness and reclining seats help to keep the kids cozy and safe.

But, what are the downsides?

I’ve been very happy with the performance of this stroller, but it would be wrong of me not to confess the few cons that I’ve noticed. First of all, this isn’t the type of stroller you can use inside the house, unless your home has very large doorways.

My cousin tends to complain about the weight of the stroller. She says it’s too heavy and refuses to ever help me get it in or out the car when I drop the kids over at her house, but I personally don’t have any complaint about the weight, considering the fact that it is a double stroller with jogging tires and not one of those umbrella types.

As well, the tires can get low on air, and that makes the stroller far more difficult to push. It’s a smart idea to keep a lightweight pump strapped somewhere to the frame just in case. I purchased one of those small-but-powerful pumps that fit great in the diaper bag and strap it on the frame with a piece of Velcro when I really want to travel light.

How does the Flex compare to other strollers?

Like I said, I did my research before buying this stroller. One other double stroller that I was considering because it’s in the same price range is the Baby Jogger Summit X3 double jogging stroller.

The great thing about this stroller is its superiority when it comes to driving over rough terrain. It has all-terrain, 16-inch tires. Not to mention the fact that this stroller has a one-handed fold design that’s even smoother than the two-step fold of the BOB stroller. I also find that the visors of the Summit X3 give the kids a lot more shade.

However, I’m one parent that’s not really in to all-terrain jogging with my two little kids in tow. It’s the BOB Revolution Flex that had the impressively adjustable handlebar, and feature is exactly what my family and I needed.

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