Featured Article: Car Seat Buyers Guide

When my older children were born — now both in their late teens — I didn’t have the time or the money that I have now. So when Micah came along, rather unexpectedly, I found I was able to do things a little bit differently.

One of those things was the effort I was able to put into making sure I made the best choices when it came to my child’s safety.

That included his infant car seat and now his toddler car seat. There was a specific seat that we wanted when he was a baby, and since it wasn’t a convertible car seat, the time soon came for me to start looking for a seat that would last until he no longer needed either a car or booster seat.

I spent a lot of hours online reviewing different seats. I also brought several car seats home and tested in our vehicles. And since when I started this journey Micah hadn’t quite yet reached the size to be put into a toddler car seat, I did some testing with other children.

Since I already had a ton of digital notes that I had compiled during that process, I decided I put everything together in one place so that I can share my findings with others who are looking for car seats as well.

I should clarify, and point out that most of the seats I will review here will either be convertible car seats or toddler car seats. If you’re looking for something that’s strictly an infant car seat, I won’t have that information available. Read more….