Baby Trend Sit and Stand Review

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Review

The first thing I that drew me to this Baby Trend Sit and Stand double stroller was the style and design of it. It is stylish and good looking with great quality materials being used, and seemed big enough for my kids without being overly cumbersome, and I was definitely impressed with this aspect when I purchased it.

This Baby Trend Sit and Stand stroller is so much more than that though. It is great at providing plenty of space for a larger child to sit or stand at the rear, which is ideal for my 2 year old who doesn’t always like to sit while we are out and about. At the same time, the front is nice and comfortable and sturdy for my baby who is now 5 months old.

When she was just born it was easy to clip the car seat into the front seat using the recommended Baby Trend infant seats, but you can also use some of the Britax and Evenflo car seat models.

You can also get the most out of this double stroller by removing the child snack tray that comes with it to offer your kids more space and utilizing the jump seat when your older child reaches about 2 and a half.

I’ve used this seat once to test it out and must say I am happy with how easy it was to attach it and my daughter absolutely loved being able to face the other way and have a bit more freedom, so to speak, without the back rest. There is a little foot rest as well, which is great, although it does tend to get in the way of the basket underneath.

Pros of the Baby Trend Sit and Stand include:

  • It’s really strong and durable and well made.
  • It is nice and easy to maneuver, offering a smooth ride for the kids.
  • There is a parent tray that offers 2 cup holders which is awesome for taking long walks along the pier with our take away coffees. There is also a covered section that latches shut which is brilliant for keeping your keys or cell phone safe.
  • There are 5 point safety harnesses.
  • The rear brake is foot activated which makes life so much easier.
  • It can fit 2 infant seats, which is ideal if your kids are closer in age.
  • It folds quite easily with the one hand mechanism.
  • Each seat has its own sun canopy which can also be detached completely to allow for the rearrangement of the seats or to convert it to the standing option.
  • There are 2 kids snack trays which each have their own cup holders.

Now for the cons of this Baby Trend Sit and Stand stroller:

  • When folded it is quite big still. It doesn’t fold as flat or compactly as other double strollers, but for the quality and spaciousness you get, this is not really a big issue.
  • As I mentioned before, the basket can be difficult to get to because of the foot rest, so doesn’t really work for big items or a diaper bag. The best thing to do, I’ve found, is to put all those big items into the basket from between the two seats, which is also much easier to do when you take the back seat off and just have the standing option or the jump seat in place.

I looked at tons of different double jogging strollers before making my choice, and in the same price range, you will also find the Graco Ready 2 Grow Classic. This also seems like a great stroller option, with various seating arrangements, but was slightly put off by the size. It seemed like the kids would be right on top of each other in almost every position, and my kids don’t like being cramped.

I’ve been extremely happy with my Baby Trend Sit & Stand double jogging stroller and highly recommend it to anyone who has kids of different ages who still need to be pushed around. What I love is that we can go for long walks or outdoor trips to the beach and I don’t hear any complaining from my eldest about being uncomfortable or bored.

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