Baby Trend Expedition LX Review

Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger

If you are an active parent then you are probably looking for a stroller that can match your lifestyle. Many strollers on the market aren’t really equipped for running, vigorous walking or hiking.

However one stroller that is made for just this purpose is the Baby Trend Expedition LX. In this review I will share my experience with this jogging stroller and whether it really lives up to it’s claims of being an all terrain stroller.

Key benefits

  • Easy to adjust give point safety harness to keep your child safe
  • Lockable front wheels make for easier navigating
  • Two deep cup holders to ensure you don’t spill your coffee
  • Bicycle style tires perfect for any terrain
  • Comfortable ergonomically designed foam padded handles
  • In-built MP3 speakers for entertainment on the go


Making sure that your child is properly secure is even more important with a jogging stroller than with standard push chair. That was why I was so interested in some of the safety features of the Baby Trend Expedition. The Baby Trend Expedition comes with a fully adjustable five point safety harness. This means that even when traversing rough terrain or curbs you can be confident that your child will remain safely inside of the stroller. The 5 point harness is incredibly easy to operate allowing you to quickly get your child in and out of the stroller.

If you like to enjoy a latte or cappuccino while out for a walk with your child then you will love the deep parent cup holders that this stroller uses. The deeper cup holders means that your coffee stays in place and doesn’t spill even when going over bumps and rough patches.

This jogger is perfect if you are trying to navigate over curbs or through rougher terrain. The front swivel wheels are lockable using a remote release. Unlike standard strollers the Baby Trend is equipped with all terrain bicycle tires. You can really feel the difference that this extra level of support provides.

Being able to listen to my iPod while using a stroller is a must have. The Baby Trend Expedition makes that easier thanks to the MP3 speakers which can plug into the parent tray. This was compatible with my Apple iPod or Apple iPhone. You can also use this feature with most other MP3 players as well.

I’m not the best at doing self assembly. So I was very pleased to find that the Baby Trend Expedition is very easy and intuitive to assemble. Most of the pieces with the stroller are already pre-assembled. To get the stroller ready for use it is simply a matter of snapping these pre-assembled pieces together.

A nice additional feature of this stroller is the sun roof. This allows you to easily keep an eye on your child without having to look around the bonnet of the stroller. At the same time the child is fully protected from the sun rays.


One of that major downsides to this stroller is encountered when folding the stroller up. In order to make sure that the stroller is as compact as possible you need to rotate the tire of the stroller on its side. This allows you to lock the stroller in place. If you do not rotate the tire then the stroller will not be closed properly. Unfortunately this was not detailed in the instructions which come with the stroller. Working out that this was the correct way to close the stroller therefore was a matter of trial and error.

As mentioned above the MP3 stereo in the parent tray is a great touch. Unfortunately it needs to be mentioned that the sound that this MP3 stereo produce could be better. The sound quality is great and it’s difficult to turn up very loud. There is a compartment under the stroller which is convenient but it could be a little bigger. If you have a medium to large size grocery bag you may find it difficult to place inside of this container. Lastly keep in mind that you will need a bike pump to inflate the tires. I can see this being a potential problem if you are unprepared and far from your car or home.

Overall recommendation

Overall I would certainly recommend the Baby Trend Expedition stroller for any parent who leads an active lifestyle. This is a sturdy, well balanced stroller which can handle a wide range of terrain.

Safety features like the five point safety harness mean that you feel that your child is safe through out your journey. And cool additions like the deep cup holders, the MP3 stereo and extra storage space make this stroller as fun for the parents as it is for child.

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