Best Baby Movement Monitors in 2017

European Nanny Baby Monitor

European Nanny Review

The European Nanny baby monitor will sound both a loud alarm and a visual alarm if no movement from baby is detected. The sensitive movement pad is 40 percent larger than many other devices on the market. This monitor is compatible with even thick mattresses with depths up to 5.5 inches in height.

Snuza Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Portable Review

This Snuza Portable baby movement monitor is the lightest on the market; it only weighs in at one ounce. This monitor is placed next to baby’s abdomen so it has the most sensitive and accurate detection of movement. An ergonomic design was ensured throughout the creation of this product so it fits perfectly with a baby’s diaper.

Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Hero Review

The Snuza Hero Mobile is an innovative product that will alert parents immediately if in fifteen to twenty seconds no movement was felt. Being that this Snuza product clips directly onto a baby’s diaper, it is made with medical grade, hypoallergenic plastics. No radio frequency signals are sent or received, so radiation is of no concern.

Snuza Halo Baby Monitor

Snuza Halo Review

This Snuza Halo Mobile baby monitor will alert parents after twenty seconds of no movement with a sounding alarm, and only after fifteen seconds will the monitor vibrate to stimulate baby to move if no movement was present prior. This product only weighs in at 1.1 ounces, so it is nice and comfortably light against baby’s abdomen when it clips onto their diapers.

Levana Oma Clip-On Baby Movement Monitor

Levana Oma Review

The Levana Oma Clip-On baby movement monitor is portable and can go anywhere baby sleeps. The clip that is used to go against baby’s abdomen is soft to avoid irritation. if movement is not detected after fifteen seconds, an alarm will sound. There is also an option to set the alarm to go off if movement is present but considered weak.

Babysense Hisense 5s Baby Movement Monitor

Babysense HiSense 5S Review

Parents will be alerted even by the slightest movement with this monitor. The Babysense Hisense 5s sensor pads are placed beneath your baby, under the mattress, so they have no direct contact with the child. If movement slows to less than ten very small movements per minute, or if there is no movement after twenty seconds, an alarm will sound.

Angelcare Movement Only Monitor

Angelcare Movement Only Review

This Angelcare movement only monitor has an integrative sensitivity system that is adjustable to the parent’s preferences. There is a battery indicator on the front of the monitor that will let parents know when it’s time to change the battery. If an Angelcare product is already owned, this product is a great addition to monitor multiple babies with.

Angelcare Movement & Sound

Angelcare Movement & Sound Review

The Angelcare M&S baby monitoring system is designed to work on both the parent’s and child’s end. One monitor stays with baby so the parent can hear sounds and breathing, and the other monitor is portable with the the parent. In case of a power outage, this monitor is backed up with four alkaline batteries in addition to the rechargeable battery.

Angelcare Deluxe Plus

Angelcare Deluxe Plus Review

This Angelcare Deluxe Plus baby monitor offers two sensor pads that go beneath baby’s mattress. An alarm will sound if a baby stops moving for more than twenty seconds at a time. This product comes equipped with an “audio tic” feature that will make a ticking sound, even when baby is sound asleep, so parents know the device is working.