Angelcare White Review

I have used a wide range of baby sound & movement monitors and now that I’m using this sound monitor, I have a lot to say about this particular type of monitor. This monitor delivers voice-activated or continuous transmission at a range reaching up to 820 feet so that one can hear her baby.

While most models preceding this one disadvantaged its users because of unclear sounds, this one comes with eight channels that aids in providing clear sounds by reducing interference. One of the things that make the use of this monitor very convenient is that it can operate using batteries and even adapters and besides that, it offers features such a soothing night light and temperature display.

This monitor does the basics of what’s supposed to perform by letting you hear what is happening on your baby’s room in real time. The radio transmission is void of static interference, even with too much walls in our house. I expected it to do the transmission well, and it did. I have mixed feelings about this monitor not because of its specs, but because of its pros and cons. Take a look below on some of the features of this white sound monitor.


  1. It has visual indicators showing the volume level in the room
    This baby sound monitor comes with visual indicators, which indicates the volume levels in the room where your baby is. However, I always find the color display difficult to read because of the tiny viewing angle. You need to have the monitor pointing straight at you or you must be at an eye level for you to see the indicators. I like the models that come with bright lights to inform that something is going on. Nonetheless, night-light within the nursery unit provides a pleasant glow for your baby’s room.
  2. It features eight channels
    This white sound monitor works at 927MHz frequency and on eight channels for a more reliable, clearer and great sound quality. This feature offers great flexibility and it is convenient as one can customize the volume level on the parent unit and fine-tune the microphone sensitivity as per your needs. the battery indicator will show you the status of the remaining charge and it would notify you when the battery is low.
  3. It has a belt clip
    Besides the convenient belt clip, there are other features that make this sound monitor an easy-to-use one. The parent unit also contains a primary temperature display coupled with sound indicator lights as aforementioned.
  4. Power backup
    I’m sure that most mothers like me wouldn’t want the monitor’s power to go off at the time when they really need it the most. Normally, the monitor’s nursery unit can operated using 4 AAA batteries or it can be plugged in while the parent uses 4 NIMH rechargeable batteries which can be recharged using an adapter. The parent and the nursery unit will automatically use battery power in case of power failure.

The fact that this sound monitor comes with various features that we would expect from a baby sound monitor coming at its price makes it a fabulous one. You can go to various online shops to have your own sound monitor as it’s not only cheap but it also delivers the best transmission. Let’s see at some of the advantages of using this monitor.


  • Clear transmission (no interference/static) – Even if there’s a slight buzz whenever it’s searching for a new channel, this sound monitor doesn’t pick roaming radio programs or static. Unlike most of its counterparts, which would buzz if airplanes cruise overhead, this one doesn’t.
  • It’s reliable – Because of its high sensitivity, you can hear children whispering or breathing. It has a sensitivity control located on the back of the base station. Some monitors would require your baby to scream to be sensed.
  • Incredible range – In my own experience this monitor works well up to 800 feet. The range usually changes depending on the layout of your home. The goodness is that this monitor would warn you if it’s out of range.
  • Rechargeable batteries – The receiver uses rechargeable batteries, which you can upgrade whenever you want. On average, I would my batteries for two days without having to recharge.
  • Multiple channels – The multiple channels allows you to choose the signal that will give you the clearest signal. It would be good if you have the same monitors so that you don’t listen to one another.


  • Unlike prime competitors, this baby sound monitor uses only one parent monitor. If included, the second parent unit would foster their low-end line.
  • The fact that the sensitivity control unit is located on the baby’s nursery unit makes it hard for me to adjust it. It would be more practical if it were located on the parent unit.
  • Also, I think that if it came with two receivers like most sound monitors, it’s performance would have been better.

On overall, this baby sound monitor is a great monitor mainly because of its sensitivity and power backup features.

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