Angelcare Movement & Sound Review

Angelcare Movement & Sound

I realized the importance of a baby monitor after my son was born last year. Although he slept in the crib next to my bed, during the initial days, I hardly slept because I kept worrying about him. Even when I managed to fall asleep, it was a troubled sleep and I would wake up often to check on the child. I had read about the problem of some babies who stop breathing while sleeping and this just added to my anxiety. That’s when my friend suggested that I buy a baby monitor. I checked up online and after a lot of research bought the Angelcare Movement and Sound monitor. Since then, life has been a lot easier. I can now sleep peacefully with the reassurance that the monitor will wake me up in case my little one needs my attention.

The Angelcare movement and sound monitor is true to its name. It’s next best or probably better than someone sitting and watching my baby all the time. The monitor has two units, one for the child and another one for me. A sensor pad, which sits under my son’s mattress, detects movements. The child unit stays near my son and monitors sounds, movements (including breathing) and room temperature and relays it to the parent unit next to me.

The parent unit has a display that shows the room temperature and has indicator lights which change to indicate sound. I can also monitor the actual sounds in my son’s room, which is really useful now because he sleeps in another room. The monitor gives a warning beep if there is no movement for 15 seconds and emits a continuous alarm if nothing happens in another 5 seconds. The unit is very reliable and it has several features to ensure reliability.

Features and benefits that impressed me:

1. The movement sensor pad is very sensitive and picks up even the slightest movements. The sensitivity can also be adjusted. Adjustments are not usually needed, but a slight tweak helped me prevent false alarms when my son rolled off the sensor pad to a corner of his bed.

2. The parent display has a color screen that is comfortable to read in any type of light or in darkness and displays the settings, the temperature in my son’s room and indicates my son’s movements with lights. It also warns me if his room becomes uncomfortably warm or cold.

3. The audio tick feature, which indicates that the unit is working, stops me worrying about a malfunctioning monitor even when my son is sleeping. However, I must say, I never had problems with this monitor.

4. Both the parent and the child units work on mains power. The parent unit has a rechargeable battery for power backup, which allows me to take it along with me as I move around in the house during the day. The child unit is backed up by four alkaline cells, which keep it working during a power outage. Both units have a low battery indicator to alert me in case of a problem.

5. The child unit has a gentle night light, which is useful when I go across to his room at night.

6. The transmission is crystal clear and has a range of about 80 to 100 meters indoors. I didn’t face any interference problem, but in case of interference, there are eight channels to select from. The monitor has an out of range indicator and will alert me if the two units are unable to communicate.


1. Works very well and is perfect for my requirements. I can sleep without worry. The alarm alerts me in case there is no movement. It has happened only once on its own, but I have accidentally triggered it a few times when I picked up the child without disabling the alarm.

2. Has many safety features for fail-safe operation. At first I was a bit worried, but as I became more familiar with the monitor, I developed faith in its reliability.

3. Keeps track of my son’s movements and relays sounds to me.

4. Ensures that my son is comfortable by monitoring the room temperature.

5. Works on mains power with battery backup and the rechargeable battery makes the parent unit portable.


1. The movement sensor needs a crib with a flat base to work properly. It was not a problem with my crib, but my friend has a crib with a spring base and she faced the issue. It was easily solved by keeping a hardboard below the sensor pad, which helped keep the bottom stiff.

2. If you have twins or triplets, you need separate cribs and monitors for each child. You can also configure the unit to monitor movements of more than one baby by buying extra movement only monitors.

3. You have to use a standard mattress for the crib. Memory form mattresses and double-sided mattresses will not work.


Before I bought this monitor, I initially considered the Levana Sophia video monitor. The Levana has video monitoring, but it does not monitor baby movements on its own. Movement monitoring was essential because I wanted to be alerted in case my son stops breathing. A video monitor, however, is good to have to keep an eye on the child during the day when you are in another room.

All things considered, my decision to go for the Angelcare was perfect. It has all the features that I need and although video monitoring would have helped, that is something that I can live with. If you are worrying about your child and finding it difficult to sleep peacefully, the Angelcare monitor is your best friend.

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