Angelcare Movement Only Review

Angelcare Movement Only Monitor

Whenever I and my husband need to leave home for a short while, we know that we always need to plan ahead so we don’t get stressed and worried about whether our son is okay by himself at home, sleeping in his cozy bed. While in the past we used to hire people to take care of our son, these days I’m thinking more and more about the benefits of a baby monitor. In fact, I’ve gotten so convinced I need one, that I eventually went ahead and got the Angelcare movement only monitor.

Boy, was this one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken in my life! Not only can I and my husband leave home even for a few hours now without having to worry about how the baby is feeling, but we always have the peace of mind we know exactly how he’s doing. So with no further ado, let me tell you how this baby monitor has helped me have the peace of mind I can keep an eye on my little angel no matter where I am.

Excellent clarity and great range

One of the first things I was worried about when I got this monitor was range. This is because our best friends live not as close to us as we would’ve liked and we immediately knew that if we were to get a baby monitor, it would need to be one that has a great range. Luckily, the model I got has a range of up to 820 feet which is more than I need in order to ensure a great signal. On top of that, there is a total of 8 channels I can use, so interferences are minimum. Compared to the Levana Sophia baby monitor for instance, the range is much higher, which gives me the freedom to get much farther from the house and still enjoy a great connection and see how my baby is doing.

Now there is also the issue with the sensor, which I read a lot of parents are worried about when getting a baby monitor. Fortunately, the sensor on this model will effectively track each movement of my baby and I can easily check how he’s doing and whether he needs me to come over or not. This is definitely good news to me, since it gives me peace of mind and helps me stay focused while attending my daily chores.

Simple to use

Setting up this baby monitor was a breeze and I managed to get it to work in just a few minutes. One thing to keep in mind if you plan on buying it though is that you need to place it on a stable surface and you may also need to prepare yourself to deal with a few false alarms before you properly set up the motion sensitivity. As for when using the motion sensor, I am really happy that I can use the tic feature. Not many baby monitors out there can get you this type of functionality for the price.

Lifestyle features

Sometimes when you’re away from home, even if you use a baby monitor to check on your little angel, there are certain functions that you may need in order to feel fully comfortable being away from your baby. Luckily, this baby monitor includes a very fancy sensor that immediately makes the alarm go off if my baby stops breathing or is experiencing similar problems. This is a great peace of mind for parents, especially those who cannot bear the thought of being away for too long from their little one.


  • Sensor pad under the mattress.
  • Out of range alarm.
  • Low battery indicator.


  • Setup can be a bit challenging.
  • False alarms.

Final words

My final take on it. From my experience, this is one of the best baby monitors I’ve ever used. With a few amazing features such as the alarm that goes off if the sensor doesn’t register movement for twenty seconds helps a lot in reassuring me I can easily know when something may be wrong with my baby. Thanks to this feature and more, I can only recommend the Angelcare baby monitor to anyone who loves their baby and wants to always be able to keep a watchful eye over him.

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