Angelcare Deluxe Plus Review

Angelcare Deluxe Plus

Before my son was born, my wife and I had spent a considerable amount of time preparing for his arrival. After we prepped the nursery, we had to make a difficult decision – which baby monitor should we opt for? As first time parents, we were worried about SIDS and so had already spent considerable time researching on the subject. We wanted a great monitor for the baby and after going through multiple reviews, we figured that Angelcare and Snuza are the only two viable options we had.


We ended up buying the Angelcare Deluxe Plus, which, while slightly expensive, comes with two parent units and two sensor pads. We don’t really need two, but I got it just in case. Unlike the Snuza – which reviews said had a tendency to fall off the baby – the Angelcare product is stationary. Moreover, the working range of around 800 feet is great for monitoring the baby while moving around the house. Unlike the more expensive Philips Avent Dect monitor, this one has a built-in temperature sensor – something we were looking for since the temperature in the nursery should be controlled to prevent SIDS. I also asked a couple of my friends, and they swore by their Angelcare baby monitors. This helped me make a decision too.

Setting up the monitor was pretty easy since detailed instructions were provided. Make sure to place the motion-detecting sensor pad under the mattress and not over it. Angelcare states that the pad must be kept on a solid surface to make sure that it’s working properly and reduce false alarms. Instead of buying a branded support board, I chose to make one myself using some plywood I had lying around – other reviewers on the internet have used everything from thick Styrofoam to cardboard.

After plugging everything in, I tested the sensitivity (kept at the default value of 3) using “the towel test” I found on amazon – which basically involves taking a hand towel (which is just touching the mattress slightly) and moving it over the surface of the mattress. This was supposed to simulate tiny baby movements (like breathing) and the alarm worked perfectly when the movement stopped. You can check it out here.

After my son was born (8 weeks ago @7.2 pounds), I must say that the monitor has worked perfectly. Every time he’s sleeping in the crib, the metronome icon on the monitor moves constantly to show that he is breathing properly. Last week, the alarm went off all of a sudden and my wife rushed to check in on the baby, and thankfully, everything was fine. The same thing happened again a couple of days later, and when I picked him up this time, I could feel a small gasp from his lungs. I could be wrong, but I honestly believe that my baby had stopped breathing for a few seconds and Angelcare warned me about it. Thankfully, nothing has happened since.

For all new/expectant parents who are considering the system, I’m adding a few pros and cons from my observations.


Temperature monitoring is a definite advantage over the Philips Avent Dect. An alarm goes off if the temperature goes beyond the set thresholds. The motion detection becomes active if there is no movement, and an alarm sounds after 15 seconds and a continuous beeping after 20 seconds. The alarm won’t stop till the unit is turned off or you put it on hold (lasts for two minutes).

  • Highly sensitive motion detection system
  • Wireless system has excellent range and eight different channels
  • Comes with a built-in nursery light
  • Easy to install

The parent unit is rechargeable, and comes with a recharge station. The nursery unit, on the other hand, supports batteries (non-rechargeable) in case the power fails. If the battery is running low, there’s a warning system as well.


  • Slightly expensive
  • No video capabilities
  • Slight interference if both parent units operate on the same channel and kept in the same place
  • Lacks a talk-to-baby feature


This baby monitor is a highly effective baby-monitoring system. The movement-sensor is a great feature to have and, if properly set up, could give considerable peace of mind.

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